Hightower Honors: Protect and Serve

Author: Gwyneth Bolton

Publisher: Kimani Press

Release Date: July 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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For Penny Keys returning to New Jersey to take care of family issues is fraught with emotional turmoil.  She would have much rather remained in Las Angeles where she’s created a business and life for herself.  The last thing she needs is her ex-love, Jason, hounding her about their past relationship and what went wrong.

Police detective Jason Hightower has spent the past fifteen years questioning what really happened the night Penny broke his heart.  He’s well aware that she’s only going to be in New Jersey for a short time and he’s going to do whatever he has to in order to get the answers he needs.


Penny’s struggling to keep from letting her emotions overpower her.  Big Mama’s death, Carla’s childish demands and Jason’s overwhelming constant presence is enough to have her praying for divine intervention.  Her best friend Terrill’s support helps but Penny knows that if she ever hopes to move on she has to come clean with Jason.  It’s extremely tempting to turn tail and run to Las Angeles where she’s safe from the drama involving her mother and the pain of seeing the only man she’s ever loved - and if she runs then she certainly wouldn’t have to put her heart on the line.  The last thing she expects is for her mother, Carla’s, past to return with a vengeance and running isn’t an option for Penny.   Jason’s beyond frustrated with Penny’s refusal to level with him about the past.  With the aid of a few unexpected events he’ll have his chance to reconnect with Penny but is he truly prepared to hear the truth about the circumstances that tore them apart?


PROTECT AND SERVE is the first book in Gwyneth Bolton’s HIGHTOWER HONORS series.  There’s no way you can resist falling for any of the Hightower family - with the exception of the uppity aunt.  They’re a close knit group with a lot of appeal.  It’s so easy to relate to Penny.  She’s made mistakes which she’s fully aware of and would rather do anything than admit to the error of her ways.  There’s no shortage of interesting characters to keep readers engrossed in this story and I’m hoping will see more of Terrill and Penny’s business partner Maritza in one of the other books in this series.  Their ongoing verbal battles are just too funny.  Joel, Patrick, and Lawrence Hightower are all extremely different and honorable so I’m really looking forward to each of the other brothers stories.  Gwyneth Bolton definitely knows how to make an impact with her strong storylines and loveable characters.


Joel’s story is next in MAKE IT HOT which will be released in September 2008.  Then Lawrence’s story in THE LAW OF DESIRE will be coming in December 2008.  And last but certainly not least we have Patrick in SIZZLING SEDUCTION.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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