Protecting Phoebe
By Noelle
Dec 11, 2009 - 12:38:47 PM

Phoebe knew that she had issues with men. After surviving an abusive relationship, any woman would. However, she refused to wallow in self pity and pain. Instead, Phoebe chose to channel her experiences to help other women by working in a shelter for abused women. When she realized that her ex was stalking her, she felt she had no place to turn, until a handsome police officer entered her life.

Craig had been a police officer for several years, and in all that time, he had never been as attracted to anyone as he was to Phoebe. Knowing her history, he admired her strength, but he couldn’t stop the deep feelings he had from developing into something more. When he got the chance to ask Phoebe out, would she be willing to take a risk and start dating someone again, or would she let her past get the better of her?

As their relationship develops, danger hovers on the horizon in the form of Phoebe’s ex, who would do anything to get her back-including threaten violence. Will Craig be able to keep Phoebe safe?

With a creepy villain, an emotionally damaged heroine, and a hero willing to do anything to keep her safe, PROTECTING PHOEBE is a fast paced red hot read from start to finish. I really liked Crag’s character, he was so sweet to Phoebe, and never gave up on her. While Phoebe had some hang-ups about men and dating, they were completely understandable given her past and all the pain she went through. Between the two of them, they made a relationship that will keep you rooting for them from start to finish. Well done! 

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