Public Displays of Affection
By Sarah W
Apr 19, 2004 - 10:22:00 AM

***image1***Charlotte Tasker is your everyday, ordinary widowed wife: she takes her kids to Little League, volunteers for the concession stand, plans vegetarian meals for her family and runs her own business, Multi-Tasker, Inc. Nobody knows that she dreams of a mystery man, a man she had sex with thirteen years ago, a man who stars in her every fantasy and who she knows she will never meet again.

Drug Enforcement Administration agent, Joe Bellacera is hiding out in Ohio . He needs to stay alive in order to testify against a powerful drug lord, so his office spirits him away to Minton , Ohio where Joe is to remain anonymous and undercover. Things go according to plan until Joe catches sight of his new neighbor: Charlotte Tasker, the woman he has never been able to forget, the woman he searched for but never found, the woman he made love to, who gave him her virginity but not her name. Joe has never forgotten Charlotte , but he knows he can't have her because he would be putting not only her in danger, but her two young children, eleven year old Matt and 8 year old Henrietta.

Joe just can't stay away though and as he is drawn into Charlotte 's soccer mom world, he just wants to stay there. He has never felt this way before and he wants a chance at happily-ever after. Charlotte is passionately attracted to Joe, but she doesn't know if its love. Her love for her dead husband Kurt never felt this volatile or combustible. But as she sees Joe falling in love with her kids, as she reaches out to him sexually and emotionally, she knows that this is a man who she wants to make happy forever. Unfortunately there's still the million dollar hit on Joe's head to worry about.

Filled with suspense and love, childish antics, and some erotic love scenes involving squirt cheese, Susan Donovan surpasses herself yet again with PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION. This will be a sure hit for romance fans. Joe is an irresistible hero: he's suave, sexy, and very sensitive and so in love with Charlotte . Charlotte seems like she has it all together, but when Joe comes back into her life, she sees what she has been missing. This reviewer found Susan Donovan's latest a sure fire hit. It has romance, adventure, humor, and an amazing love story between two great characters. This reviewer just wishes that Ms. Donovan would write faster as I would love to read more books by her. PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION is a fast-paced, sexy book that will have you devouring the romance between Joe and Charlotte.

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