Public Displays of Eroticism

Author: Cassandra Carr, Jami Davenport, Cristal Ryder

Publisher: Sybarite Seductions

Release Date: June 27, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Sex behind closed doors is all well and good but sometimes you need to up the risk factor – and maybe even start a chain of events that proves that PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM aren’t necessarily a bad thing… in fact they can be very good.


BACK TO NATURE by Cassandra Carr

Dmitri would never share his submissive but he loves indulging in their exhibitionist desires.  His suggestion of a walk by the lake and lunch at a café turn into an erotic experience which triggers a chain of events that has several other couples indulging in PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM.


Cassandra Carr kicks off this series by introducing the couple whose exhibitionist activities entice four other couples into public ‘indecency.’  This story is fast, fun, and oh so very hot.



HAIL MARI by Jami Davenport

Wyatt Bedford has played professional football for the past ten years.  As much as he enjoys the game, for the past four years his real passion has been for Mari Simms.  Unfortunately with his schedule they’re only physically together one time each year.  Wyatt wants more from their relationship but before Mari arrives at their rendezvous point he witnesses a couple indulging in PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM that entice him to push his own boundaries as well as Mari’s.


Jami Davenport throws a touchdown with HAIL MARI.  Where Wyatt seems worldlier, Mari is more of an innocent begging to indulge in more erotic activities and he delivers on all accounts.  I love how this story ties in together with Ms. Davenport’s other story in this book, IN THE OPEN.



TAKING IT OUTSIDE by Cristal Ryder

As exciting as Valerie finds the idea of sex in public she’s never been brave enough to suggest to her boyfriend Tyler that they engage in such activities themselves… until now.  She’s taken great care in arranging the scene of their PDE so that they’re private but still have a possibility of being seen.  What she didn’t anticipate is the other couple engaging in PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM or how playing voyeur to their activities will make their sexual encounter so much more satisfying.  


You have to love the idea of a romantic picnic but Cristal Ryder ups the ante with this story.  Forget an actual meal but do remember to find a secluded spot and make sure you have binoculars and a man who can turn PDE’s into a sinfully delightful game.


 A WHOLE NEW WORLD by Cassandra Carr

Miranda thought her two year relationship with her boyfriend Ross couldn’t get any better, but then she witnesses another couple engaging in a bit of exhibitionism and is turned on herself.  Ross catches her spying on the other couple and admits to enjoying voyeurism as well as engaging in exhibitionism.  His confession gives Miranda the incentive to test her own boundaries – and discover that even if nobody sees their PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM it’s still very exciting and pleasurable.


Cassandra Carr made me smile with this read.  It’s so obvious that Miranda and Ross love each other but they haven’t explored their naughty sides – until now… and wow, do they ever do it with gusto!



IN THE OPEN by Jami Davenport

Once a year, Jaid Angelini steps out of her staid existence as a criminal defense attorney to indulge in a wild passionate encounter with Alex Greeley, a pro-football player.  She loves the time they spend together but their ten year age difference bothers her and she’s fearful that he’ll decide to end things at any point.  Their already wild encounters take on an entirely different edge after watching another couple getting down and dirty on a park bench.  They normally would have gone someplace private but privacy is the last thing she wants – she wants it hard, sweaty and public.  Despite their public professions Jaid really wants an audience to witness their PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM.


This is the perfect story to final out the PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM book.  Alex is an unrepentant Bad Boy and Jaid loves that about him.  While the other stories in this anthology were somewhat subtle and restrained IN THE OPEN is unapologetically risqué and hot enough to singe the readers’ retinas.



PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF EROTICISM is more than simply a compilation of couples engaging in passionate acts in public, it’s about exploring boundaries, letting go of restraints and fulfilling fantasies that you might not have otherwise dared.  The couples are in loving relationships which only makes their actions even more exciting and fun.   Cassandra Carr, Jami Davenport and Cristal Ryder took great care in connecting the stories, making them believable and bringing to life characters you can relate to – even if you’d never act on the impulse to perform sexual acts outdoors. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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