Public Domain
By Angel
Jan 1, 2006 - 6:30:00 PM

Beulah has been involved with a man for six months now and she doesn?t even know his name.  Their relationship is strictly casual and all about their sensual encounters.  Beulah has her own plans and likes the arrangement that they have, but when her lover decides he wants to take things to the next level, will Beulah be able to follow through or will she have to say goodbye to her lover forever?

Tag has no clue who the sensual woman he sees really is.  They keep things strictly on a physical level.  Problem is that his feelings are growing deeper and he wants to explore the possibility of a real relationship together, but she won?t hear of it.  Can Tag convince the woman he has fallen in love with that they can have a future together, but first all must be revealed?


PUBLIC DOMAIN is a very interesting read and I enjoyed the fact that even though the lead characters are from different races, that is not the focus of the story.  The love scenes give new meaning to the term steamy and are certainly numerous.  The characters are more developed towards the end, and their personalities start to surface and we know more about them.  Don?t expect a lot of romance since the focus is more on the physical aspect.  The story is good and I will look for more of Bridget Midway?s work in the future.

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