Punished – A Taboo Wishes Story

Author: Brynn Paulin

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

Release Date: February 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Natalia Cooper has always been the quintessential good girl.  Even as a child there was rarely any need for punishment, however, when a boyfriend playfully spanked her during sex she discovered she liked the burn – a lot.  Her need for a good spanking has led her to The Dungeon, a place that specializes in fantasy fulfillment.  The scenario – a naughty schoolgirl awaiting the principal’s discipline – and the anticipation is almost as arousing as the punishment.

Ethan Tavish is the Dominant charged with providing Natalia with her fantasy spanking.  Of course everyone’s identity is protected while in The Dungeon so he shouldn’t know who she is but he’d recognize her anywhere.  In the ‘real world’ Natalia works as Ethan’s secretary and he’s had his eye on her for quite some time – only now he has no doubt, Natalia is a born submissive and she belongs to him.  All he has to do is let her know that he’s aware of her secret desires and has no qualms with paddling her sweet backside whenever and wherever he deems a spanking is needed.


By the Monday following her fantasy session at The Dungeon, the burn left from the spanking Natalia had received had already faded and she desperately misses the sensation.  She manages to make it through the workday without anything out of the ordinary happening.  Well, Ethan hasn’t been nearly as unattainable as he normally is but that isn’t cause for concern.  When he calls her into his office just before quitting time she discovers that it isn’t business he wishes to speak with her about.  Nope, he’s about to let her know that he’s very aware of what she did on Friday and fully intends to continue with her discipline – starting now.  Just when it seems their relationship couldn’t be more perfect, Ethan’s sent to Australia on business for a month.  With a relationship this new it’s going to be a difficult separation but they’ll survive it unscathed, right?  After all, there is email and phone calls….


PUNISHED by Brynn Paulin fascinated me right from the start because of Natalia’s need for physical discipline and held me captive right through to the very end.  Ethan’s strong dominance suits Natalia perfectly and it’s obvious their relationship is off to a wonderful start.  The trouble comes when they’re separated by an entire ocean for a month and uncertainties and driving needs bring Natalia to an act that she wouldn’t have otherwise done.  I believe my favorite thing about this story is how Ms. Paulin demonstrates that the physical discipline isn’t as fulfilling without an emotional connection.  PUNISHED is fast paced with plenty of spankings, scorching hot sex and a sense of anticipation, but there’s also an undeniable sadness when Natalia fears that her actions have ruined everything she’s come to depend on.  Ms. Paulin is a genius at writing stories that touch your heart and make a good spanking sound so appealing.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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