Pure Indulgence
By Missy Andrews
Oct 1, 2003 - 6:50:00 AM

Kayla Thomas needs a guinea pig, not the cute, cuddly, furry, kind but the experimental kind. As owner of Pure Indulgence, a bakery and catering business, she has created all kinds of luscious, succulent desserts but is looking to add one more to her menu. She has purchased some aphrodisiac powder and after incorporating it into a candy recipe, she has experienced firsthand the arousing effects that it has on the body. After meeting restaurant owner Jack Tremaine, she knows that she has found her "test subject". She can’t wait to have Jack try the candy so she can be the recipient of the sensual, stimulating effects that it will have on his system. And she hopes that under the effects of the aphrodisiac he won’t notice or care about the extra twenty pounds that she has finally decided is part of who she is.

From the minute Jack laid eyes on Kayla he was immediately attracted to her smiling face and curvaceous figure. And, it only took a few minutes of talking to her for him to realize that he was also very attracted to her warm and sweet personality. Having Pure Indulgence design the desserts for the revamping of his restaurants dessert menu is a stroke of pure genius on his part. This will allow him to spend time with Kayla so that he can convince her that while her desserts are sinfully delicious she is the only thing that he wants to feast on.

Pure Indulgence - close your eyes and imagine biting into smooth rich chocolate and onto your tongue flows a creamy tangy flavor that, although delicious, is just a bit different than what you were expecting. That is the feeling that I was left with after finishing Pure Indulgence. Since I was reading Janelle Denison I knew that the characters would be strong, kind, sexy, and caring – which they were. I knew that the sexual anticipation would begin as soon as the hero and heroine met each other and I knew that the love scenes were going to be hot and fog-your-glasses-steamy – which they were. However, I was not prepared for the emotional impact that this book made. Ms. Denison hits on every woman’s insecurities as Kayla worries about her extra weight and must decide if she is going to let those insecurities keep her from a lifetime of happiness. Jack and Kayla are one of those couples that literally come off the pages and seem to take up residence in your home as you read and will reside in your hearts long after you close the pages for the last time.

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