Pure Princess, Bartered Bride
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2010 - 10:07:41 AM

Princess Gabrielle of Miravakia has no idea that she has been chosen to be wealthy Luc Garnier’s impeccable and perfect wife. Luc wants a wife who will never embarrass him, cause him a moment of shame, and most definitely, never run to the paparazzi. After talking with her father, Luc deems Gabrielle the ideal candidate for wedded bliss. Too bad she does not feel the same.

When Gabrielle’s father tells her that he has chosen a husband for her, that the wedding is all arranged, she is shocked and dismayed. Gabrielle has been the perfect princess all her life, doing everything she can to live up to her father’s demands and dictates. But is marrying an unknown man going too far? And if she tries to back out, what will Luc do?

Caitlin Crews writes a book where the response to Luc’s marriage quest should be instant dislike. Fortunately, there are legitimate motivations behind his decision to marry Gabrielle and those motivations are slowly revealed throughout the book. With understanding comes some empathy, even as you still feel bad for the position Gabrielle has been forced into. But this is a woman who is set to take action. She may have been a perfect princess up until now but this decision is too major to take lightly and she goes into fight or flight mode. Once these two got past their misconceptions about each other, I really liked how they started to make their marriage work. It is obvious there is still a lot of work for these two ahead, as there is in any marriage, but by book’s end, I know they finally had a solid foundation under them. Caitlin Crews is a Harlequin Presents author to keep your eye on.

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