Purgatory Masters: Tucker's Fall
By Ann
Apr 8, 2013 - 2:24:38 PM

Maggie Cisco has returned home to recover and figure out what to do next.  Publically denounced and left to dry by her ex-husband after being arrested all for the sake of research into the BDSM lifestyle, the last thing she expected was to have car trouble in the middle of an unexpected snowfall.  Luckily Tucker Lewis finds her on the side of the road and takes her to her parents’ cabin but not without recognizing that Maggie is the girl that got away in high school after a stolen kiss.  Now she’s back and he knows she is a closet submissive who needs the right Dominant to bring out the best in her.  What she needs is him but will their pasts be too much to bear?

TUCKER’S FALL is the first in the trilogy and what a way to begin.  I believe it is an offshoot of the PURGATORY CLUB series but I didn’t feel lost in any way reading this book.  Tucker has a lot of secrets but he is completely honest when it comes to Maggie.  He doesn’t lie about what he makes her feel so special.  He knows she is innocent when it comes to being a submissive.  She knows the technical aspect but doesn’t have the experience.  Maggie’s responses are so honest and carefree that it heals Tucker and makes him almost giddy that he forgets that he has to protect her from his past until Mason, one of his best friend’s, cruelly reminds him.  Their pasts are intertwined and provide a secondary storyline that will play out in future books.  I am already curious about Tucker’s half-sister, Nina and Mason’s relationship is going to be like because these two have a history.   Overall, PURGATORY MASTERS: TUCKER’S FALL is a nice mix romance and enough intrigue and suspense that will make the reader want the next book like yesterday.

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