Purrfect Justice

Author: Elaine Hopper

Publisher: Novel Books Inc.

Release Date: April 2003

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"Meow." Haley Yates had heard that sound so many times during the past couple of hours that she was really starting to regret having dressed as Catwoman for the Ft. Lauderdale-Miami Policemen’s Halloween Costume Party. But when she heard the deep, sexy voice of Lieutenant Cole Fischer purring in her ear, she decided that all of the other meows had been worth it.

And since it seems that she has finally snagged the attention of the man that she has secretly been in love with for the past two years she decides to make the most of her night as a sexy masked woman, especially since Cole never looks twice at her when they are at work. Of course at work she dresses in shapeless, boxy suits, keeps her hair twisted up and never wears her contacts trying to look the part of an office manager so that she can gain the promotion that she wants. Of course what she really wants is to be a police officer like every other member of her family but since her eyes were injured during her police academy training she has had to settle for being a secretary at the station.

Cole can’t believe his bad luck in getting called away from the party before the unmasking and without getting to find out who his mysterious Catwoman is. But when she shows up and rescues him from a gunman after his partner has been shot he is totally bamboozled. Not only does she have killer looks but she also has killer moves and looks hot while executing those moves. But, when during softball practice for the policemen’s team, Mother Nature sparks some electricity between him and Haley, the dowdy secretary, he has to admit that he likes being the rescuer as much as he likes being the rescuee. As he struggles with his attraction for the two totally different women he is ready to abandon his search for Catwoman but, since she has come to his aid a couple of more times, his Captain has ordered him to find out who she is.

The synopsis may seem like another re-make of Clark Kent and Lois Lane but this is actually one of the sexiest books that I have read. And you’ve got to remember that Clark and Lois are one of the greatest romances of all time for a reason. Ms. Hopper does such a stupendous job of breathing life into her characters that you can feel the tension between Haley and Cole. The secondary characters, from Cole’s outrageous father to Haley’s chameleon neighbor, provide plenty of humor and even though I wanted to smack him a few times I couldn’t wait to see how Cole would actually discover Catwoman’s identity. From the moment he took her in his arms as Catwoman I knew that I was going to love this book. And as an added kicker Ms. Hopper lets her wicked sense of humor show by ending the book in the least romantic place in the world. You will NEVER guess the ending to this one.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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