Incognito: Pursuing Penelope
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2008 - 9:45:20 AM

Since the death of her husband widow Penelope (Penny) Schwartz has practically haunted club Incognito.  He’d died while engaging in a BDSM scene with another woman there.  Penny’s resentment is the whole reason she’s present when a fire breaks out and all her hurt vanishes in the face of the devastation and possible loss of life.  She almost loses her own life trying to make sure everyone’s made it out safely.  Her presence makes her a prime suspect, but appearances can be deceiving.

Firefighters Blake Thomas and Joseph Osceola rescue Penny from the smoke-filled inferno.  Joseph carries her from the building and is afraid they’re too late to save her until she begins coughing.  Right away he feels an emotional pull toward her.  Blake and Joseph do everything together - they’re more than just firefighters, they’re also clients of Incognito and dominant men who share their women.  They believe in Penny’s innocence and are determined to claim the obviously submissive woman for themselves.


After the fire at Incognito, Penny returns home completely unaware of Blake and Joseph’s concern for her.  She should have been shocked when they appeared at her home, but between her husband’s death and the events of the evening she’s at a loss as to what to what she’s supposed to do.  Her reaction to their presence in her home is troubling.  Most women would have been fearful or incensed at their intrusion, but Penny is calm and follows their instructions to a ‘T.’  Something is definitely off and their questions only multiply as they set out to ensure that she’s all right and discover that she didn’t even share a bedroom with her husband.  Why would Randolph feel a need to frequent Incognito when he has such a submissive wife at home?  While they tend to her needs the men attempt to figure out the truth about Penny but the more they reveal the more confused they become.  Can she really be as innocent, submissive and alone as she appears?


After reading the previous INCOGNITO book - CONQUERING CONNIE - I formed opinions about Penny which couldn’t have been more wrong.  She’s a bright, caring young woman with a shocking background.  As I read her story, I was captivated by her bravery and love how Blake and Joseph never waver from their devotion for her - even when her past comes back to terrorize her.  While Penny’s life story is awe inspiring, I couldn’t help but notice Blake and Joseph’s vulnerability to her despite their Alpha tendencies.  They’re as fearful of being hurt by her as she is of their reaction to her past.


Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton definitely don’t disappoint fans of their INCOGNITO series with their latest offering - PURSUING PENELOPE.  It’s full of all the charismatic characters we’ve come to know and love through the previous stories and added an intensely passionate tale that engages readers emotions.  This is a wonderful addition to an already beloved series.  If you haven’t read any of the INCOGNITO series yet, I highly recommend them all - but I’m afraid PURSUING PENELOPE has taken top honors as my personal favorite so far.

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