Puss In Boots
By Terri
Nov 1, 2007 - 5:08:09 PM

Minnie Miller left behind three daughter when she was killed by her current lover enraged wife, Her daughters Amber, Bernice and Caitlin were different in every way but the had to share the wealth that Minnie left fore them. Amber took the Victorian mansion, Bernice took for the cache of jewelry and Caitlin was left with nothing but the pretty little lilac cat Fifi. As the girls went their own way Caitlin started home with Fifi.

Caitlin Miller owned her own sewing shop, Nips and Tucks, and is quite good at making things. Her shop keeps her from going hungry but she wishes for so much more. Fifi had ideas to help Caitlin make more of her life. Fifi asks Caitlin for Gucci bag and a pair of Ann Klein ankle-high leather boots. What a cat needed them for Caitlin did not know. When the bag and boots arrived Fifi put the boots on and hung the bag around her neck and set off on her journey.   Fifi had the idea of passing Caitlin’s business cards in boxes of a famous women’s department store that are to be sent out to customers. Other ideas came to Fifi and she sat out to do them. One major one was to introduce Caitlin and Leo Legrand, the owner of Stylish Silhouette. Fifi wanted Leo to back Caitlin in her business.


When Caitlin meets Leo she is taken in by his good looks but knows that Leo was not for her maybe as a business partner but nothing else.  Fifi encourages her to let Leo help her. Caitlin agrees and decides that she wants more then just a business relationship. Leo agrees with her. Fifi, Leo and Caitlin work together to make Caitlin’s dreams come true.


PUSS IN BOOTS by Barri Bryon is a super story. I laughed all the way through the story. Fifi will keep you in stitches with her boot and purse and talking to people. Caitlin and Leo heat up the pages with sex scenes. I thank you for a great story. I will never be able to read the children’s story the same again.

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