Putting It To The Test
By Amelia
Sep 13, 2008 - 7:45:49 PM


Carly resents Matt for getting the top job at Hall Industries. She has worked for the company longer than he has and she is one of the best web designers there. Vying for the chance to be chosen for Single Inc., she doesn’t want to lose this opportunity to show what she’s made of. The boss said it is open to both sexes and one person will be chosen from each sex. Later, Carly finds out that only women are being considered, because the man has already been chosen. Matt was the guy who was selected for the job. 

Carly's blood boils by this info. In fact, she is so mad that she finds a hacker to get into Single’s Inc. computer base so she can compare and change her answers. This isn't cheating, she convinces herself. This is work and getting ahead. She is going after that contract.

Matt joins Hall Industries with the intention of climbing the company ladder. His office isn't with the rest of the workers, but connects directly with the boss's office. Matt has his own game plan to secure the contract, but it doesn’t involve a partner.

Matt finds out the boss is opening a specialized project team and that is definitely the job position that he wants. With the option of choosing his own team, he already knows that he wants Carly to be directly beside him. She has one of the sharpest minds at Hall Industries. In addition, she will be an asset to his team.

When the match results come in, Matt is shocked when he isn’t alone on this endeavor. His partner is Carly, the very woman that makes him very aware that he is a man. What kind of partners will they be on this Singles contract? Will Matt act on his fantasies for Carly? Carly is hot blooded and lusty with desires that would make even the pros blush in the sex field.

Lori Borrill has written a superb novel named, PUTTING IT TO THE TEST. This novel is blazing hot and will keep you happily reading until the very end. Will Carly and Matt make it together, not only on their jobs, but also together as a couple? Will their dreams of each other be better than the actual act of making love, or will it be fantastically more alive, and wild enough to make you wet with desire.
I couldn't put Lori's book down, until I finished to the last word. I did have to turn up the air conditioning though, because my temperature rose as I lived the scenes of Carly's sexual life. PUTTING IT TO THE TEST is a must read book. Now that the weather is hot and sultry, you will have a reason to sweat as you read.

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