Pyke’s Peak

Author: Chris Owen

Publisher: Torquere Press

Release Date: January 31, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Pyke has had the good fortune to win a lotto worth almost seven million dollars but his needs and desires are fairly simply so he’s not entirely sure what to do with all his money.  The one desire he has involves his best friends Shea and Laurel and he’s found the perfect way to bring them all together – buy a crazy house with all sorts of secret nooks and crannies and other eccentric traits.  Then all he has to do is hope he can convince Shea and Laurel to move in with him.


Shea is a man who goes with his gut instinct so for him moving in with long time friend and lover Pyke is an easy decision to make.  For Laurel however, it’s a little more complicated.  She hates change and she’s not all together sure that she’s ready for the shift in the relationship she’s sure will result from their living together.


Pyke admits that winning the lottery allowed him opportunities he wouldn’t have had otherwise, but it also brought out the greedy nature in most of the people around him, everyone except for Shea and Laurel who were simply happy for him and his good fortune as well.  Laurel’s only concern was making sure that he took the right steps to protect himself and be responsible about his sudden fortune.  This eccentric house is his first major purchase and he has so much resting on Laurel’s reaction to his new home and the private rooms that will be all hers.


Shea’s gut instinct is that the three of them living together will be ‘good.’ Pyke’s a little less nervous about the whole experience especially once they’re all finally moved in.  However, there’s an unexpected situation that he’s not sure how to handle – it seems Laurel is dating.  Apparently she’s unaware of the full scope of Pyke’s dream.  As they uncover the secrets of the house this trio grows closer in a relationship as unique as the house they share.


Chris Owen has written a delightfully charming story in PYKE’S PEAK.  By focusing on the characters’ friendship, their love for each other and the uniqueness of this house the author creates a storyline that truly captures the reader’s interest.  The simple fact that Shea, Pyke and Laurel have all been friends since childhood makes their relationship even more special and fun.  There’s a genuine love between these three that a sudden windfall of money isn’t going to change, but there’s also a bit of insecurity because Laurel isn’t sure where she fits into the men’s romantic life.  I have to admit to a fascination with this house and all the oddities it contains and I think I enjoyed discovering its secrets just as much as Shea, Laurel and Pyke did.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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