Quarterback Daddy
By Sherri Myers
Apr 16, 2010 - 6:27:25 PM

  Alexis Brown was devastated when her nine-months pregnant sister Sherri was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who then in turn committed suicide.  Baby Michelle was born by cesarean and Alexis took custody of the baby, but now realizes she can’t raise the child on her own due to the debts she’s incurred from college loans, her sister’s burial, and her mortgage although she’s a lawyer.  With no other viable alternative, Alexis makes the fateful decision to try to find the father of Sherri’s baby. 

Dan Delito, starting quarterback for the New England Patriots, lost his beloved wife Kim to cancer two years ago.  When Alexis Brown shows up on his doorstep one day holding an infant in her arms, his first impression of her was amazement at how much she looked like his dead wife.  When she told him he was the baby’s daddy, his second impression was that she was out for his money. 


Realizing he’s going to need help taking care of three-month-old Michelle, Dan hires Alexis as the baby’s nanny after the other applicants left much to be desired.  Since she was hoping to share custody of the baby anyway, Alexis puts her career on hold and moves in with Dan and the baby.  Dan quickly takes to Michelle and she to him, and it isn’t long before the three settle into family life together.  Friendship turns to romance, but is it enough to help them get past the issues they both have from the past?


Any time I pick up a Linda Barrett romance, I know I’m going to be in for a late night.  Once you turn the first page, you better be committed to losing some sleep reading because you can’t put down the book until you know what happens at the end.  QUARTERBACK DADDY is no exception to this rule, and the lost sleep was well worth it.  The two main characters played a very large role in much of the story as they each dealt with issues they are still facing from their pasts—Alexis her father’s drinking and abuse and Dan his wife’s cancer death.  They seem like real people with real problems, and Dan’s family was realistic as well.  Football fans will especially enjoy this warm, sweet romance from the Harlequin’s Suddenly a Parent series, but it’s not so football-technical that the casual observer will be lost.  For an enjoyable read with a heart-warming story, be sure to get a copy of Linda Barrett’s QUARTERBACK DADDY.

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