Queen Bee
By Suzie Housley
Feb 1, 2010 - 6:13:13 PM

By day Daisy Cooper works as a secretary. At work she portrays a mild mannered woman whose world revolves around her job.  Little does anyone know her weekend secret centers around a pleasure club known as Soixante-Neuf.


At Soixante-Neuf, Daisy transforms into a sex tigress.  The club specializes in no holds bar sex with all participants.  There is nothing that cannot be explored at Soixante-Neuf; you’re most wicked fantasies can be lived out without the threat of any emotional entanglement.

This weekend Daisy finds a tall blonde man named Paul who agrees to be her play partner.  Paul takes her to new heights.  They each explore each others body until they wear each other out.  They part with a mutual respect. Paul invites her back the next night but Daisy doesn’t want to grow close to anyone.

At work Monday, Daisy is introduced to a new co-worker, Paul Tate.  She is shocked to see that it is the same Paul she met at Soixante-Neuf.  Visions of their sex escapades run through her head.  Will Daisy be able to keep her stunned surprise to herself?  Can you trust that Paul will keep her secret?

QUEEN BEE is a delicious offering of sweet nectar.  It provides the reader an arousing read that will give them dreams that will put a smile on your face.  Gail Roarke’s descriptive love scenes leave nothing to the imagination.  She is definitely an author who knows how to appease her reader.


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