Queen Esther & the Second Graders of Doom

Author: Allie Pleiter

Publisher: Steeple Hill Café

Release Date: February, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Esther 'Essie' Walker agreed to move from New Jersey to San Francisco to help her pastor brother care for their elderly parents.  With a newborn son of her own, and thinking it would help her to understand boys better, Essie agreed to teach the second-grade boys? Sunday school class.  Essie had no idea the other mothers called the class the 'Doom Room' and that it had most definitely earned its nickname.  Surely a one-time shot-put champion could handle some little second grade boys, right?

Having just moved to the whole other side of the country, with a baby who never sleeps and always has ear infections, to being on call 24/7 to run errands for her elderly parents, to dealing with the loneliness of her husband's long hours away at work, to being volunteered to teach a Sunday school class of rowdy second grade boys-it's no wonder poor, exhausted Essie is about to have a nervous breakdown! 


Essie quickly goes from a life under control to a life so chaotic some days she has to remind herself to breathe.  Her husband, Doug, is away at work much more than either of them likes, but they need the money.  Should Essie go back to work?  That's another decision driving her crazy, and the timely job offer she receives for a coaching position doesn't help make it any easier.  Will Doug and Essie be able to recapture the love and romance in their marriage they once took for granted?  Is God trying to teach Essie an important lesson about life and love?


Allie Pleiter's humorously witty, second novel has me convinced this is one author who is here to stay!  QUEEN ESTHER AND THE SECOND GRADERS OF DOOM could ONLY have been written by someone who has lived in the midst of chaos and survived.  A champion of stressed-out, exhausted wives and mothers everywhere, Ms. Pleiter will have readers laughing out loud at the silly antics of the second-grade boys in Essie's class.  Many women will identify with Essie and her all-too-familiar situations, and many will breathe a sigh of relief knowing God really is in control of the chaos.  Highly recommended by this reviewer for anyone who is in the mood for some comic relief from their chaotic life, if only for a few short hours.  QUEEN ESTHER AND THE SECOND GRADERS OF DOOM will be joining Ms. Pleiter's first novel, BAD HEIRESS DAY, on my keeper shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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