Queen Gene
By Ann
Feb 5, 2007 - 5:03:00 PM

Lucy and Jack Klein have moved into their house in the Berkshires.  After all of the remodeling, they will finally be able to open up their artist colony.  While they are working on their home, Lucy learns that her mother, Anjoli, has decided to exert her maternal instinct and adopt a puppy.  The problem is that Anjoli isn’t exactly the maternal type.  This is the same woman who left her ten dollars for meals on the table while she went out.  Needless to say, Lucy is rather skeptical about her mother’s newfound instincts.  Not that Lucy has time to worry about her mother.  She and Jack are getting ready to host three artists at their home to hopefully inspire their artistic abilities and maybe spark Jack as well.  However, small accidents and artist block may turn their colony into a disaster.

THE QUEEN GENE is the hilarious follow-up to TALES FROM THE CRIB.  Lucy and Jack have achieved their dream.  However, they seem to be the only sane people around.  The artists that come to live in their guest houses are slightly mental while her mother, Anjoli, is larger than life.  She isn’t exactly the mothering type so Lucy has a hard time figuring out how her mother can handle and take care of a puppy.  I thought Lucy did pretty well trying to balance raising her son, marriage, her mother and finally the artists with great aplomb.  If I was Lucy, I’d probably have my head examined.  Despite everything though, I really enjoyed Lucy’s unusual relationship with Anjoli.  It isn’t exactly normal but how do you define normal?  Most mother and daughter relationships are very unique and special and I thought that Lucy’s calm is a perfect foil to Anjoli’s flightiness.  However, when the chips were down, Anjoli rose to the occasion and shocked even Lucy’s sensibilities.


The secondary characters are too memorable to name.  From Aunt Bernice with her preoccupation with “hair removal” to Lucy’s cousin Kimmy and her choice of “bridal wear,” I couldn’t stop laughing.  I can vividly see them in my mind as I was turning each page.  I’m surprised that Lucy and Jack didn’t run away.  THE QUEEN GENE is a hilarious story of family and dreams.  It will have you laughing as well as glad that your family isn’t as “unique” as Lucy’s family.

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