Queen of Babble
By Cat Cody
Jul 1, 2007 - 4:08:01 PM

Lizzie Nichols can't wait to get to England and see her boyfriend after three months. Her friend Shari is on her case for giving up her career to follow her boyfriend, but Lizzie doesn't see it that way. And besides, she can't wait to see Andrew after all this time in his own country. They didn't really get to have all that much time together at college before she graduated—well except for this thesis she has to write—and he went back to England.

Only, when she meets Andrew “across the pond” he's not at all the man she remembered. For one thing, his taste in clothing is horrendous, and for another, he's still living with his parents. Not exactly the romantic reunion she'd anticipated. What makes it worse is that it's starting to look like Andrew is not only a cheat, but a liar too. Now she's stuck in Europe alone and friendless with a boyfriend who's angry with her because she blurted out the truth and got him in trouble.


Or is she?


Hopping the train to France, Lizzie tearfully rushes to her friend Shari who is working at a chateau in the country. On the way, she blurts out the whole sordid tale to a cute, caring guy she meets on the train. Hey, this is one time her big mouth won't get her in trouble, right? She’ll never see him again.


Or not.


The stranger on the train turns out to be none other than the owner of the chateau's son, Jean-Luc or Luke, Shari's boyfriend's friend. Now, after spilling her guts to him about Andrew's lies and her naivety, she has to face Luke every day. Can her big mouth get her in any more trouble?


You betcha.


QUEEN OF BABBLE by Meg Cabot is a quick paced, giggle a minute read. You'll find yourself snorting soda as you laugh until your sides ache. This book is a refreshing change to so many of the heavy angst-ridden dramas on the bookshelves today. If you want to relax and enjoy yourself, this is the perfect book. Just don't try to drink anything while your reading.  

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