Queen of Broken Hearts
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2007 - 10:32:00 AM

Therapist Clare Ballenger works hard at helping the many women, and men, who come to her for help and hope after bad divorces. After her own marriage ended in tragedy, Clare had to do something to move on and now she is finally taking the steps to open her own retreat where she can hold her group sessions and help heal the broken hearts of Alabama.

But there is a possibility that love may be waiting in the wings for Clare, a woman who claims that no one can ever replace her dead husband, Mack. He was her life and she will not let him go but Lex Yarbrough, a Yankee sea captain who operates the local marina in town, is starting to find a way into her heart. Then there is Rye, her husband’s cousin and a man who has been there for her ever since the painful day Mack passed away. As Clare starts laying the foundations for her permanent retreat center, Lex plays an integral part in the creation. But heartache and tumultuous emotions are waiting to attack Clare and her family when they least expect it. Clare may be a healer of broken hearts, but as so many characters in the picturesque town of Fairhope point out, has she ever truly healed her own wound?


QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS is a story for every woman. Clare’s life has not been easy but she has struggled and succeeded at moving on from Mack’s death. She is a woman to admire and at the same time a woman to pity because she is so afraid of giving into love once again. QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS follows her heartache, pain and shows what it finally takes to let someone new into one’s heart. The lives of the women of Fairhope, Clare, her best friend Dory, Clare’s daughter Haley, and the varied citizenry of Fairhope add spice and imagination to this tale. Ms. King writes with a fresh voice that accurately and successfully details the tribulations of life and the people who help get us through it all. Ms. King also adroitly portrays small town life in Fairhope, with its gossip, its overbearing citizens, and the way the town comes together when needed. Poignant and heartrending, QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS allows readers a small but wonderful glimpse into a three dimensional and enjoyable character. Clare and company will charm you and make you smile, laugh and cry in this truly special story. This is storytelling straight from the heart.

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