Rain Fell Down
By Lisa
Dec 5, 2007 - 4:22:38 AM

Lacey’s fiancé Dylan is eager for children. Finding out she can’t have any makes him obsessed with procreation. He nags constantly and suggests all sorts of procedures for her. Unable to stand the situation any longer, she angrily leaves heading into the falling rain. She absolutely can’t marry Dylan.

While driving she notices a man walking on the side of the road in the pouring rain. She pulls over to give him a ride.   She usually doesn’t pick up strangers, but something about him tells her he’s not dangerous. Her rain soaked mystery man is gorgeous and just the distraction she needs. They end up at a hotel and spend a steamy night together.


Her stranger’s name is Adam and he moves her in a way Dylan never could. She spends the next day with him then they part ways. For a one night stand, Adam leaves a lasting impression. Weeks pass and Lacey deals with cancelling her wedding. She is hurting, but not over the break up with Dylan. She wants Adam in her life.


Lacey is a compelling character. Her pain is palpable. She is a strong woman who has been used by a scheming man.  Adam enters Lacey’s life when she needs him the most.   They accept each other as they are. The ending is absolutely wonderful, the reader couldn’t ask for a better resolution. Ms. Davis not only has great heroes, but also great villains. Dylan is a first class jerk. You really love to hate the guy. These vivid characters really make this story come to life. This is definitely one of those “Some Like it Hot” stories and is expertly written.

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