Promise Canyon: A Virgin River Novel #11
By Alane
Jan 1, 2011 - 5:10:03 PM

Clay Tahoma is a respected veterinary technician and farrier, well known among wealthy horse breeders.  His ex-wife’s family never approved of Clay, a Navajo whose family is neither rich nor powerful.  His ex has remained a little too friendly for Clay’s taste and two years post-divorce, he’s ready to finally make a clean break.  An old friend with a large-animal veterinary practice and stables needs a new assistant, and Clay is more than happy to take the job.  He’ll be far from his ex-wife, doing work he loves.  The new job is near his sister and her family.  Clay’s decision looks even better when he meets an intriguing woman his first day on the job. 

Lilly Yahzi delivers feed and does the books for her grandfather’s family business.  She never knew her father and was abandoned by her mother, left to be raised by her grandparents.  Soon after, Lilly lost her grandmother. Lilly’s grandfather loves her and does his best for her, but he is only one person.


As a young teenager, Lilly, herself a Hopi, fell in love with a Native American boy.  He broke Lilly’s heart.  She’s been wary of men ever since, particularly handsome, smooth-talking Native American men.  Clay Tahoma may be gorgeous and interested, but Lilly wants no part of him.  Then the two begin to bond over an abandoned horse, and Lilly finds Clay surprisingly difficult to resist.


Lilly and Clay faced similar incidents as teenagers, yet handled them in completely different ways.  I loved seeing the different ways each responded to a life-changing situation at a young age.  Lilly closed herself off from men and turned away from anything and anyone who might make a dent in her pride.  Burned once, she was completely unwilling to risk her emotions and with her background, who could blame her?  Still, I hoped Clay could show Lilly that all men are not alike, and coax her out of her cloak of loneliness. Clay has always had the love and support of a large family, and that makes all the difference when he faces tough situations. I wished Lilly and Clay could find a way to fit the jagged pieces of their pasts together and create a beautiful, new future together.  And I hoped Lilly would find that she, too, could count on Clay’s family for love and support.


Whenever I read a new book in the Virgin River series I always feel like I’m coming home for a visit to catch up with old friends, and PROMISE CANYON is no exception.  It’s also fun to meet new people, discover any connections to the people of this small, tight community in northern California, and watch them form new bonds of their own.  Newcomers are made to feel welcome, and no one stays a stranger for long.  I have to admit, the people of the town disappointed me for a while this time around, but I never gave up hope that differences would be solved and hurts repaired.  PROMISE CANYON is a wonderful addition to the Virgin River series.  I was sorry to see this visit come to an end, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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