Spin the Bottle (Party Games, Book 4)
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 8, 2013 - 10:19:54 AM

Lillian ‘Lilli’ McDermott has spent years working in the modeling industry – and hating every moment of it, but now it’s time to kiss that life goodbye and embrace her future.  She’s kept quiet about her fashion and perfume endeavors but with their success she’s ready to move on with life – and throwing a huge party for her contemporaries seems like the perfect way to  transition from past to future.  Unfortunately she failed to clue Mackenzie into the full extent of her party plans and he’s none too happy to return home to a house full of people.

Mackenzie Harris shares a home with his best friend’s younger sister, Lillian.  Up until now he’s managed to keep his hands off her with the exception of one kiss he’s tried hard to forget.  It’s unconscionable that he’s got the hots for Lilli but that doesn’t change the desire coursing through him – of course after discovering a house full of her supposed friends engaging in all sorts of adult themed party games Mac he’s more frustrated than ever.  If Lilli wants to play games then who’s he to disappoint the lady… let the games begin!


Lilli did her homework and knew exactly when Mac’s flight was due in so she’s more than a little shocked when he arrives home several hours earlier than expected.  She attempts to evade him as much as possible but Mac has other ideas.  Instead of slinking off or hiding away in his room until all her guests had gone home, he ups the ante and uses her party games to bring the heat broiling between them to a soul singeing level.  At first it’s just as spectators, but then she dares to participate in a naughty game of  SPIN THE BOTTLE – and there’s no way Mac’s going to allow that bottle to stop pointed at anyone but him.


If you think party games like Twister and Spin the Bottle are too tame for an adult party then you might want to read Rhian Cahill’s naughty twists on those much beloved activities.  I got a huge kick out of the antics taking place at Lilli’s party while appreciating that she doesn’t seem to be a part of that wild scene – she’s more of an observer until Mac’s pursuit irritates her.  The sexual tension between them is evident right from the beginning but he’s made assumptions about her that are definitely going to put a kink in any romantic endeavors.  SPIN THE BOTTLE contains the perfect blend of lighthearted fun, overt raunchiness, startling revelations and unexpected innocence… along with a fair amount of romantic moments that will have readers rooting for this couple.


I admit this is the first title I’ve read in the PARTY GAMES series so obviously it can be read out of order.  However, I am curious about Lilli’s brother and her friend, Kole’s, game of Twister and what happened afterwards so I just bought the other three times in the series as well.


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