Claimed by Him – A Billionaire’s Club Story
By Chrissy Dionne
May 12, 2013 - 5:27:06 AM

Graves Buchanan came from a disadvantaged background but he dedicated himself to beating the odds and built a successful business.  He went from a penniless urchin on the streets to a well-known entrepreneur billionaire in less than two decades.  However, that doesn’t mean he’s without residual fallout from his former life, his sex life is just that, strictly sex.  Raw, powerful with him always in control – and absolutely no kissing!  Kissing makes the purely physical act of sex personal and emotional which something he’s not ready to deal with.  The only thing that could throw off his orderly life is his best friend’s baby sister, Chloe … the one woman he desires above all others – and she’s completely off limits.

Chloe Lexington has had a huge crush on Graves for as long as she can remember.  Oh, she knows he considers her off limits because of his close friendship with Daniel, her brother, but it’s high time Graves see her as a desirable and sexy woman rather than the fragile as glass ‘princess’ he seems to consider her.  Despite her brother’s warnings against getting involved with Graves, Chloe has a plan and nothing is going to get in her way of claiming her man – or making sure that he believes being CLAIMED BY HIM is completely all his doing. 


Red Garnier’s newest series, BILLIONAIRE’S CLUB is off to a brilliant start!  Graves and Chloe’s romance is scorching hot and as a reader I was never quite sure who was going to win out in their battle of wills.  Despite his obvious desire for Chloe it’s apparent that Graves wouldn’t have acted on it if she hadn’t pushed him – and make no doubt about it, Chloe goes out of her way to push every single one of his buttons.  As you can imagine, Daniel doesn’t handle the idea of his little sister hooking up with Graves very well but love has a way of winning out in the end – and this couple definitely left me with a smile on my face and eagerly anticipating the next title in this series. 


While each of the titles in the BILLIONAIRE’S CLUB are connected it appears that they’re easily read as stand-alone stories so make sure to check ‘em out and mark your calendars for each new release.


CLAIMED BY HIM – release date April 23, 2013

TAKEN BY HIM – release date May 28, 2013

BOUND BY HIM – release date June 18, 2013

KEPT BY HIM – release date July 1, 2013

BARED BY HIM – release date August 1, 2013


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