Taken By Him – A Billionaire’s Club Story
By Chrissy Dionne
May 29, 2013 - 6:22:53 AM

Luke Preston is beyond frustrated.  Not only has he been shot while indulging in one of his favorite pastimes with a lovely woman, but now he’s gone without sex for a whole eleven days.  Luke never goes without sex for that long; he’s like the ‘holy pope of sex.’  He has women lining up, chomping at the bit for a chance to share his bed.   Unfortunately the billionaire playboy is now out of commission and being referred to as a “Walking Miracle” because the bullet had come so close to costing him his life.  His close-knit circle of friends want him to lay low until the assassin is caught and suggest a tropical vacation where he should relax but keep his man parts in his pants.  No women for a while – yeah right, like that’s going to happen!

Peyton Lane leads a very busy life as a partner at an investment firm.  She’s a serious woman who takes her responsibilities seriously so breaking away from her normal demeanor and engaging in some lighthearted fun while in Cancun for vacation is exactly what she needs.  Of course, she’s definitely not opposed to having a little holiday fling, especially when her eyes lock on a gorgeous man on the beach whose mere presence makes all her girly parts tingle. 


Peyton’s only got three days left in Cancun when she meets a man who says his name is Luke Alexander and begins a sinfully delightful fling.  He’s fun, charming and definitely knows his way around a woman’s body.  She has a wonderful time and even falls a little in love with him before having to return to Chicago and her normal life – that’s where she learns the truth about who she just indulged in a holiday fling – and she’s none too happy with the realization that the very special man she met while on vacation is nothing more than a playboy looking for his next acquisition.


TAKEN BY HIM by Red Garnier is the second title in her BILLIONAIRE CLUB series – and honestly it’s as much fun to read as CLAIMED BY HIM was.  Luke’s never had to put much effort into gaining a woman’s attention, but Peyton’s the first woman who genuinely likes him as a person without knowing all about his financial portfolio.  Their Cancun fling is everything you could hope for – sexy, inventive, and just flat out fun. However, what I really love about TAKEN BY HIM is Peyton’s response to learning Luke’s real identity.  It’s kind of nice to imagine him groveling.


While each of the titles in the BILLIONAIRE’S CLUB are connected it appears that they’re easily read as stand-alone stories so make sure to check ‘em out and mark your calendars for each new release.


CLAIMED BY HIM – release date April 23, 2013

TAKEN BY HIM – release date May 28, 2013

BOUND BY HIM – release date June 18, 2013

KEPT BY HIM – release date July 1, 2013

BARED BY HIM – release date August 1, 2013


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