Whispering Vines
By Dee Herga
Oct 1, 2004 - 1:23:00 PM

Daphne Deveraux had no family or friends except Francine and her husband Rafe. When Rafe dies due to a malignant tumor, she is angry with his brother Damian Emmanuel Antùnez and mother Isidora for not even bothering to support Francine in her difficult moments. Yet she agrees to fly with Francine and Anna to Chile to visit the Antùnez family. Sadly, Francine dies in a plane crash, leaving Daphne and Anna alive at the mercy of the Antùnez family. Daphne's misery is out of bounds when she hears about this. But life has to go on for little Anna's sake.

When Daphne learns that Isidora had a heart attack when she heard about Raùl's death, she is moved and pretends to be Francine for Isidora's sake. She gets to know Damian slowly and has a change of heart about him. When Damian proposes a marriage of convenience, Daphne is stunned. Should she accept for Anna's sake? What about Isidora, who wants the best for her son? What about Juanita, Raùls ex-fiance who is currently displaying a tremendous interest in Damian? What about Daphne herself and her feelings towards Damian? What about love?


WHISPERING VINES is a charming story in a beautiful Chilean setting. Renu Mahajan's words provide the readers with a glimpse of summer, shopping, the heavenly vineyards, and the sights in Chile and induce a longing to visit the place. Daphne, as the strong woman bewildered by the situations is strikingly real. The handsome and suave Damian is just the man for her. The misunderstandings between them can make you tear out your hair in frustration and wish to confront them with the truth, whereas the sweet, yet wild romance is sure to make you sigh from time to time. The bubbly Anna and the other characters are interesting and keep the story moving. WHISPERING VINES is a captivating book in a charismatic setting, engrossing enough for the reader not to let go of the book.

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