The Last Man on Earth
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 5, 2008 - 6:15:11 PM

Iris Foley and Russell Carr were friends a long time before they went into business together and now they can officially celebrate the one year anniversary of their lucrative partnership.  It’s a dark and stormy Halloween night and they’re indulging in champagne while watching movies but the weather is interfering with the reception and the power goes out just as the Emergency Broadcast System is issuing a dire warning. 

After watching the Star Trek marathon intermingled with portions of old cheesy horror films for several hours, Iris is already a little freaked out but the black out and portion of the warning they heard has her mind in overdrive.  Is it possible that disaster has struck and they’re the last people on earth?  It certainly feels feasible.  It’s just Iris’s luck that just as she’s made the decision to end her celibacy after a year of loneliness that the world is ending and her best friend is the only man available.  Dare she admit to feeling more than just friendship with him?  Can she seduce him?  She’s darn sure going to give it her best shot!


Russell has a soft spot for sci-fi and horror flicks so he thinks nothing of indulging in an evening marathon of movies.  Tonight was supposed to be special for a good reason though, he even bought three bottles of champagne for the occasion.  He was finally going to tell Iris that he’s in love with her and wants to give her a good reason to end her self-enforced dry spell.  Before he can begin his seduction plans the power goes out and her panic leads her to a seduction scenario of her own.  What’s a guy supposed to do besides go along with it?  After all he’d be getting exactly what he wants and she’ll see how good they are together.


Only Iris’s fears and concerns over her family are interfering with any enjoyment they might have found in their sexual encounter… well, maybe just Iris’s – after all Russell is a guy who’s only real concern is getting Iris into his bed.  Iris’s worries only intensify as a noise indicates that there’s something in the basement and still no signs of human life anywhere.  Is it possible that Russell is truly the LAST MAN ON EARTH?


What a delightfully captivating tale!  I just had to laugh as Russell’s innocent seduction scene is blown to smithereens by weather conditions and an overactive imagination.  Iris hasn’t had the best of luck in the love department – hence her self-enforced dry spell but she’s ready to at least give sex another try and doesn’t think Russell’s even interested in her sexually.  Their friendship and mutual attraction make them a perfect couple who are well worth getting to know.  This is a wonderful twist on the old Orson Welles’s broadcast of the ‘War of the Worlds’ which lead to such widespread panic in 1938.  Of course there are a few surprise twists and even a bit of suspense that keep this story really hopping.

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