By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2005 - 3:40:00 AM

CAJUN BLUE by Dominique Adair

Elle received an invitation to a B&D party at her friend, Ty's home. Knowing she was leaving her hometown of Columbus, Ohio to start a new job in New Orleans, Louisiana, she's afraid this will be her last venture into the B&D scene as a submissive for a while.

Remy "Blue" Delaughter is attending the B&D party of his friend and business partner before he returns to his home in the Cajun Country of New Orleans. Blue's enthralled by the curvy woman whose body says one thing when her mouth says something else.

Both Elle and Blue are attracted to each other from the moment they meet. Accepting Blue's dominance is no hardship for Elle. She revels in it. Accepting her feelings for him is harder since she's leaving and doesn't believe she'll see him again. She sneaks out in the middle of the night, never letting Blue know her true name. Fate has them reuniting once again in New Orleans.

This was an extremely fun story. I loved how Elle comes off as cocky while at the same time vulnerable. Blue was able to see through her and get her to admit to her attraction to him, making the story very exciting. Dominique Adair does an amazing job of pulling the reader into the story and not letting go until the very end.

LOVE AND KINKS by Madeleine Oh

Jane Winston is a well-respected newspaper columnist. She's had many vanilla relationships with men, but they always left her unsatisfied. Jane still doesn't understand why she feels this way. Meeting Alan changes everything for her. All of a sudden she finds herself growing excited by his demands and leaving her underwear at home according to instructions.

Alan is very much the dominant male. He's thoroughly enjoying introducing Jane to B&D but at the same time afraid he may be taking things too fast for her. He believes he may have found his soul-mate in Jane, and he's hoping their weekend together will prove him right.

Jane's new to the B&D idea. She's nervous yet excited by everything Alan does to her. Allowing herself to trust Alan with her well-being as well as her heart proves to be easier than she'd expected. Especially once she stops fighting her own ideas of what she's always seen as acceptable in a relationship.

Madeleine Oh wrote this story in such a way that you could feel Jane's confusion and inner turmoil. Jane couldn't understand why she was doing all these things that were so out of her normal character just because Alan told her to. I loved being able to "hear" her thoughts and "see" how the process evolves from total confusion to acceptance.



Sassy works as a club reviewer. At her boss's urging, she joins a dating service to be able to get into an exclusive party. The party is only accessible to people in that dating service, which includes many famous and wealthy members. Sassy thought she'd attend the party, see the goings-on, and write up her review. She never thought she'd get so caught up in the activities herself.

Michael went to the "play party" to watch some scenes and talk to friends. Meeting Sassy and introducing her into the D&S scene was an unexpected pleasure.

Sassy may have gone to the play party to get a story for an article, but she finds so much more. Since the paper has paid for her membership to the dating service, she has to write a story. Sassy knows exposing the member's activities could land them all in a lot of trouble. Exposing her own adventures into submission through her article may be her only option, but will she lose her Master when her identity is exposed?

Sassy is a fabulous character. She's a partygoer who just happens to have a job that actually pays her for having a good time. I loved getting swept up in the drama of her discovering herself. As well as her emotional turmoil over having to write a story on the D&S party. That alone made a great story. Throw in the aspect of a hunky dom introducing her into the scene and I was hooked. Jennifer Dunne wrote an emotionally charged and exciting tale with SOUTH BEACH SUBMISSIVE.




R.S.V.P. is a wonderful romp into the world of B&D. All three authors did a beautiful job of portraying the women as strong career oriented people that just needed more than a vanilla lifestyle in the bedroom. The men, while all being sexually dominant, had a vulnerability which made it easy to fall a little in love with each one of them. This is the perfect book to indulge your fantasies of being dominated without losing your own identity. I couldn't stop after reading just one and was immediately caught up in each of the other stories. I love the idea of having enough trust in somebody else to allow them to have complete control over your passions and these authors captured that ideal perfectly. I got attached to the characters and didn't want any of the stories to end. Wonderful job Ladies! This is a book I've already read over several times and haven't grown tired of. Definitely has a permanent place in my ebook file. Break out the paddles, handcuffs, and blindfolds. This is a party you don't want to miss.

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