Racing Hearts

Author: Rae Monet

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Lovely Cosmetics was the largest producer in the cosmetic industry, but that was quickly changing due to their competitor, Narella Cosmetics. But Margaret Kingsdale was a shrewd business woman, and she had a plan. Lovely Cosmetics was going to sponsor the first female stock car driver in the Nextel Cup Racing series and Margaret wanted Cassandra Jamison to be that driver.

Cassandra Jamison had racing in her blood, ever since she was a little girl it was the only thing she ever wanted to do. Unfortunately when Cass's parent were killed, her plans got put on hold so she could raise her little sister. Now her sister is in college and Cass is back on the track racing stock cars at the local race track. When two gentlemen approach Cass and offer her the chance of a lifetime, to race in the Nascar competition for Lovely Cosmetics.

When Justin Steed was asked to train Cassandra he though they were crazy, bringing in a female driver into the Nascar series. Justin was not sure he was the right person for the job, he has not stepped foot on a race track after his near fatal accident three years ago. How can Justin train anyone when the nightmare of the accident still haunted him?

After meeting Cassandra and finding himself becoming very attracted to her, he figured the only way to keep her close was to train her.

Justin and Cassandra get off to a very rocky start, both trying to fight the attraction that they are feeling for each other. Soon enough the couple stop fighting and the passion that develops between them is heart stopping. Justin can't seem to get past his fears and soon gives Cassandra an ultimatum, her racing career or him. Will Cassandra give up a career she so desperately wants for a love she so desperately needs?

RACING HEARTS will have your heart racing on and off the track. These two characters will leave you breathless with their passion for each other and for their careers. I found myself just as captivated by the secondary characters in this story and loved how it all came together. Rae Monet has done an awesome job in creating a story that will have you turning page after page until the very end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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