Rags and Old Iron
By Anita
Jun 22, 2007 - 12:02:02 PM

Amy loves to dream about handsome pirates and sexy rogues, but lately her dreams have turned from romance to nightmares. Things are getting worse, she is physically ill at times and she fears she is losing her mind when she begins to hallucinate. She goes to her friend Xavier, a Yaqui shaman to help understand the cause of her nightmares. What she learns is that the nightmares are really her repressed memories and the evil she knew as a child is once again making its presence known in her life.

RAGS AND OLD IRON is a powerful tale that holds you in its grip as it spins a macabre tale of love and obsession. Spine-tingling suspense builds as evil stalks the object of its desire. It causes the heart to beat a little faster as the fear becomes real. There is an entity, capable of great violence without conscience that has loved one person since she was a child. She is not a child anymore and the time has come to take his bride. Passion and romance blooms and friends are brought closer together, as they work together to save Amy from this evil. It is amazing how far her friends are willing to go when they are brought face to face with this thing from someone’s nightmare.


Lorelei Shannon has written a highly imaginative, one of a kind thriller that left me thinking about the definition of love. Somehow, even after all the very graphic violence I was left feeling almost sorry for the evil thing that just wanted to be loved. Filled with exciting action and surprises, I found this story totally absorbing and was unable to put it down. I will be looking forward to other books by this author.


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