Rain Of Ash
By Terri
Oct 4, 2006 - 11:09:00 AM

Millie was a time jumper. She has been jumping time every since she bought a watch at an antique store. Millie never knows when the watch is going to have her jumping through time. She just listened for the whining of the hands and look at the watch as the hands go backwards in time. Millie has to figure out what time period she is in by the clothes she has on and the scenery around her. This time as the watch started its whining she landed in a time that appeared Roman by the look of her clothes.

Millie took it all in stride and started walking towards a town she saw in the distance. As she was walking her sandal broke. Millie sat on the ground trying to fix it when a man stopped and asked her if she needed help. Millie was glad for the help and this man was very handsome and she felt a pull towards him. His name was Carlos and he was a baker in the town. When she entered the town Carlos bought her a new pair of sandals and a dress. He wanted to spend time with Millie, and took her to his home. They made love and for once Millie wished she could stay, but she knew that she had to leave, that tomorrow the watch would send her back.  As she was trying to tell Carlos that she had to leave tomorrow the ground started to shake and Carlos ran to the window and asked Millie to come and see the beautiful mountain in the distance. Millie realized that she was in Pompeii, and that the mountain was a volcano. How could she get Carlos out of there to save his life?

 RAIN OF ASH is a great time travel story. I enjoyed reading about Millie‚Äôs adventures and her meeting Carlos. Ms Ortega has a great imagination and time travel is something very interesting. Millie experiences all kinds of different things knowing it is for a very short time.  The watch has very strong powers and no matter what Millie decides to do with it, throws it away, give it away or just leave it somewhere it always returns. Ms Ortega, I hope you continue to write time travel books and I know that I will be looking forward to reading them in the future. Thank you for a great story.






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