Rainbow Valley
By dina smith
Aug 23, 2005 - 1:07:00 AM

Annie Reed just graduated from cooking school and heads to Arizona for a chef’s job at a dude ranch. When she gets there, the boss Ben Russell wants to hire her but not for her cooking skills. Annie turns him down and heads back into town depressed and broke. Annie stops in at a coffee shop, while there she overhears a man saying that he needs a cook, Annie asks him for the job. Now Annie who has never even been on a horse before is cooking for a real cattle ranch…

After his deceased wife’s betrayal and his mother abandoned him Jake Stone swore he would never trust another woman. When Annie asked for the job as cook he didn’t expect the beautiful city girl to last 2 weeks even though he had made her sign a 6 month contract. When Annie starts to make Jake’s house feel like a real home and makes him start to think of family, he vows to fight those feeling because he is sure Annie will never stay.


Annie love’s Jake and Rainbow Valley but she has grown up poor and struggling her whole life and she longs for financial security. When she gets the perfect job offer in Hawaii Annie and Jake must give in to their feelings and let go of their past before it is to late.


Barbara Clark has done it again for me. She has taken two strong characters and written and incredible story for all to enjoy. Rainbow Valley is only the first in Barbara’s contemporary Western Series and I can’t wait to read the next one titled Montana Bride…

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