Author: Katherine Stone

Publisher: Kensington Publishing

Release Date: July 1996

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: Print

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Two sisters struggle to deal with demanding professions, intense loves
and surprising danger in Katherine Stone’s RAINBOWS. Catherine is the quiet concert pianist who is struggling to overcome her intense insecurity. Alexa is the stunning starlet trying to make sense of her sudden fame. Together the two sisters must come to grips with their own troubled relationship in order to face the danger that lurks around them.

James Sterling and Robert McAllister are rich, handsome and powerful and determined to care for their chosen women. Both wrestle with their intense feelings and some serious mistakes are made but in the end both couples are made stronger by the challenges. When the truth about Cat’s heritage is revealed the sisters must join together to face the evil that has sought Cat for a generation. She must come to terms with her past and present in order to contemplate a future with the man she loves. But will she see the true danger before it is too late?


RAINBOWS is a sweet story filled with characters that embody pure sweet and goodness. The language can be flowery at times but speaks to you of the sweet romance older romance once embraced. The love scenes are subtle and charming if more delicate than many romance novels published in today’s market. Stone is able to mix just the right amounts of intrigue and romance to hook the reader from the first paragraph. RAINBOWS delivers a wonderful story sure to please readers looking for sweetness and heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tara James

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