Raine On Me
By Claudette
Mar 1, 2011 - 8:35:05 AM

When Brit meets her hottest patient yet, she finds that she's tempted to engage in some very unprofessional behaviour.  Physical therapy was never supposed to get quite this physical!

What a surprise!  The main characters first meeting was so full of LOL banter.  From bawdy repartee to scorching sex, Brit’s life just keeps getting more complicated.



Brit is a physical therapist sent by her boss to check up on a rodeo rider who hasn’t surfaced in a while; after being injured.  Assuming he’s on the wrong side of middle age, like most of the rodeo riders she’s worked with, she is surprised to find that this one is not just in his prime, but horny as hell.  River is a man who we can see, enjoys sex as a purely recreational activity, but finds his protective instincts rearing its head when he finds out the reasons why Brit is running scared.  She’s trying to get on with her life amidst the very real threats from her jealous, and none too mentally stable ex-husband and family.



Brit’s boss suggests that the Raine family ranch, is a good place for Brit to hide out from her ex.  When River turns up there and finds her conveniently in his bed, he wants to take up where they left off.  The nickname he gave her made me laugh.  This was a real roller coaster ride.  We get a more in-depth look at the other Raine brothers and catch up with Trina and Navarro.  There’s a nice little surprise about those two, which will make you smile.


This was a fast paced, action packed book full of the highly charged erotic romance that we have come to expect from this author.  Can’t wait for the next brother to be felled by love. More great characterization and storytelling from Ms Dohner.


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