Friday Harbor, book 2 - Rainshadow Road
By Dottie
Mar 26, 2013 - 7:46:59 PM

Glass artist Lucy Marinn is living in Friday Harbor with her boyfriend Kevin and is content with her life. So she is shocked when he dumps her and admits that he has been cheating on her with her younger sister, Alice. Lucy is used to her sister’s self-centered behavior. When Lucy was five years old, her three-year old sister contracted meningitis. Suddenly, their parents were catering to the sick child and Lucy was set to the side. Lacking her parents’ attention and left to her own devices, Lucy became enthralled with glass and discovered the magic that she could wield with it. However, she kept her gift to herself, not even sharing the information with her sister. Even when Alice overcame her illness, her parents continued to favor her. She was even exempt from following the same rules as Lucy and anytime Alice did anything wrong excuses were made for her. So when Lucy discovers that her sister has been sleeping with Kevin for months and is shoving Lucy out of the home she shares with him so that Alice can move in, Lucy expects her parents to defend Alice. Lucy has also been left feeling that something is missing in her since no man ever stays with her. So the last thing she wants is to get involved with another man, despite her attraction to Sam, a man who has come to her rescue more than once.

Sam Nolan and his two brothers, Mark and Alex, grew up with alcoholic parents, both of whom are now dead. Seeing the marriage their parents had, the men believe that they are doomed to bad relationships. Alex is in the midst of a bad divorce already, but Mark has found his soul mate and is about to take a chance on marriage. However, Sam has no plans to ever marry. With an affinity for growing things and attuned to the soil in a magic all his own, he has used what money he has to purchase a vineyard and with the help of his brother Alex, he is in the process of renovating the house on the land. When their sister Victoria dies in an accident, her daughter is given to Mark to raise. Not knowing how to be a father, he moves into Sam’s house and asks for his help. Soon the bachelor house becomes a real home as the two men cherish the little girl, Holly, whom they are now responsible for.

Sam first met Lucy one day on the beach as she escaped to mourn her sister’s betrayal and he yearns to get to know her better. But he knows that he will only end up hurting her so he tries to keep his distance. However, when she is involved in an accident, he agrees to let her recuperate in his home where he can help her get around since there is no one else available. As he continues to try to keep her at a distance, he finds his desire for her to be more than he can resist. But when she gets an opportunity to further her career by spending a year in New York due to an art grant that she has been offered, will he be able to let her go, or is this his chance to get rid of an unwanted complication?

RAINSHADOW ROAD, the second book in New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas’ FRIDAY HARBOR series, is a heartwarming, sensual contemporary romance that I found impossible to put down as I read late into the night, anxious to see what happened next. Sam and Lucy are two vulnerable people with tragic pasts, but together, they just may find healing and the love that they have been missing. I absolutely fell in love with the precocious little girl Holly, who added even more warmth and appeal to this story. Sam’s brother Alex is also going through a deeply troubled, depressing time and I can’t wait to read his story in the next FRIDAY HARBOR novel DREAM LAKE. So far, this entire series has been delectable and, although this story could be read as a standalone, I advise reading the series in order, starting with CHRISTMAS EVE AT FRIDAY HARBOR, which is Mark’s story. With magic, secrets, passion, humor, troubled pasts, new beginnings and love, RAINSHADOW ROAD is a story that will captivate you. Having read it once, I look forward to reading it again. Once you start reading this story, I am sure that, like me, you will be searching for the rest of this wonderful series. The next installment, DREAM LAKE, is also available and before I read anything else, I must read this one. A longtime fan of Ms. Kleypas’ work, I was thrilled to discover this series and hope that it does not end anytime soon. I recommend RAINSHADOW ROAD to anyone looking for a great story packed with passion, magic and love.

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