Raising the Stakes (Three of a Kind, Book 2)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 3, 2013 - 11:04:20 AM

Megan Loxley has spent four long years in love with her best friend, Desmond, but her feelings have never been reciprocated.  Like any intelligent woman she doesn’t want to grow old alone and admittedly she really enjoys sex so when she’s introduced to Desmond’s poker buddy, Alex, and the sparks immediately begin to fly she allows herself to open her heart to a future with him.  What she doesn’t expect is Desmond’s cold attitude.  He’s not answering phone calls, doesn’t spend any time with her, and the casual touches that made her feel special are a thing of the past. 

Desmond Reed doesn’t know how it happened… one minute Megan was simply his best friend, the next… she’s the woman of his dreams and he wants marriage and children – with her.  Of course, now it’s too late, she’s with his buddy Alex and it’s obvious they’re deliriously happy together which leave Desmond out in the cold and extremely surly.


Alex Truman loves Megan to the point of distraction and while he is aware of the close bond between her and Desmond he’s never concerned himself with there being anything more friendship between them.  At least that was the case until the evening Megan utters “I love you too, Desmond.”  Now there’s no hiding from the truth, Megan loves Alex but she loves Desmond as well, choosing between the men would be impossible – and something she’s not willing to do.  Fortunately, at least as far as Alex is concerned, Desmond’s never demonstrated any romantic interest in Megan, though his distraction recently seems to be a cause for concern for Megan.  When she pushes him about his distant attitude one too many times, Desmond’s control on his emotions snaps and Megan discovers he’s not as immune to her charms as he’d have her think.    Megan wants to RAISE THE STAKES and play the Queen to her two fine Kings, but how will the men in question react to such a drastic change in their relationship status?


RAISING THE STAKES is the second title in Jess Dee’s THREE OF A KIND series and believe me she didn’t skimp on the panty soaking sex scenes or emotional angst anywhere in this story.  It’s so easy to put people into categories and not realize your feelings for them until it’s too late and that’s exactly what happens to Desmond in this story so you almost want to feel bad for him.  Honestly though I felt worse for Alex because his love for Megan is so strong and he had to feel a little rejected by the entire situation.  Now that being said, I loved that Megan is blatantly honest about her feelings, and doesn’t pretend to love one man over the other.  She wants them both!  It’s a tenuous situation and it wouldn’t take much for them all to get their hearts broken, but like poker, love is sometimes a game of chance and you have to go for broke and pray you win big.


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