Random Acts of Fashion

Author: Nikki Rivers

Publisher: Harlequin Flipside

Release Date: February 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Gillian Caine has returned to Timber Bay, Michigan to open a clothing store featuring her own designs.  Her aunt used to live there, and she owned a dress shop, which she left to Gillian when she died.  When Gillian's life was turned upside down in New York by her manipulative boyfriend, she decided to leave, and she vowed to never let another man hold the strings in her life.  Gillian makes a big impact on Timber Bay when she arrives.

Lukas McCoy remembers when Gillian used to visit her aunt during the summers.  He always thought she was a snobby city girl, but he was always a little disturbed in her presence.  Now, that she has returned, things haven't changed for him.  Lukas still gets tongue tied around the beautiful princess, and he can't explain why she makes his pulse race and his heart pound.  But, he does know one thing: Gillian and her store won't make it in this small town, and he'll be glad when she heads back to the big city.

Gillian is busy preparing to open her shop, Glad Rags.  One evening she goes across the street to admire her new neon shop sign.  Suddenly she's thrown into the air and falls to the ground.  Lukas was coming out of a manhole, and he caused her to fall and sprain her arm.  He feels real bad about the accident but thinks it's partly her fault for being out there in the first place.  Gillian doesn't agree, and she ends up suing Lukas so she can hire someone to help her in the shop.  Both Lukas and Gillian are in for a big surprise when the judge assigns Lukas to help Gillian out until her arm heals, so she can get the shop open in time.  Soon the sparks fly and the attraction is irresistible.  One kiss leads to another, but both deny their feelings and insist they are not right for each other.  But, will the legend of the tunnel of love render another happy couple in Timber Bay?  Or, will one mishap after another cause failure and disaster for Gillian and Lukas?


RANDOM ACTS OF FASHION is a great and funny adventure of love and fashion.  This book definitely kept me grinning from ear to ear, and I was completely entertained by the antics and sparring between Lukas and Gillian.  Author Nikki Rivers has a great writing style, and it was such an enjoyment being able to read her latest treasure from Harlequin Flipside.  I'll certainly be on the lookout for more fun romances by Nikki Rivers.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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