Ranger's Woman
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 17, 2007 - 6:00:46 AM

Marine’s one big love in life isn’t a man - it’s a boat called the Ranger.   She has no clue who the actual owner is since she does all her dealings through a lawyer who’s in charge of the boat.   She just rents it and charters it out.   Marine would love to buy the Ranger but the cost is way out of her league so she’s just happy to be able to lease it.

Scott is a perspective buyer for Marine’s beloved Ranger.   He doesn’t even tell her that he is looking to buy the boat when he arranges for a special tour.   Marine discovers the truth from her lawyer who handles her lease.   It looks like she has no choice but to take the scheming jerk on his two-week cruise.


Marine’s sister Claire maintains that she’d be better off falling in love with a man rather than a boat but Marine’s already been there, done that and has no intention of making that mistake again.   Learning that she could potentially be losing her beloved boat to the perspective buyer has her emotions in turmoil.   From the time Marine and Scott meet each other there’s immediate hostility.   Scott views her as a spoiled model because he’s seen billboards of her which her friend Chris had taken.   Scott is still reeling from the death of his fiancé whose father happened to be the Ranger’s owner, Edgar.  


The animosity between Scott and Marine continues to build - almost as quickly as their sexual attraction - until something’s gotta give.   They end up caving in to their attraction but there are many misunderstandings and problems that have to be faced before either of them is able to find love again.


Just when it looks like they might be able to come to an understanding and finding love with each other, a tropical storm and pirates threaten to destroy everything.   With Scott and Edgar seriously injured, it’s up to Marine to save them all from the raging storm . . .   and go after the pirates who stole the Ranger.


As the daughter of a Coast Guardsman I have a special fondness for anything nautical.   Samantha Winston’s RANGER’S WOMAN presents readers with a variety of elements that keep the plot line jumping.   I loved learning about Marine’s past experience with ‘love’ and how it’s affected her.   Scott is just as memorable simply because he comes off as such a jerk but as you read you can sense and underlying sensitivity that endears him to readers.  

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