Raphaela's Gift
By Robin Taylor
Jul 9, 2003 - 10:24:00 PM

When famous psychiatrist Garret Damiani gets the news that his daughter is autistic, he spends three long years, as a single parent, working to break through her shell.

At the Mountain Rise program, a two-week camp for autistic children and their parents, Garret is annoyed with the fact that there is an art therapist that is a big part of the treatment plan. She is Faith LeFeuvre. Why does Garret have a problem with Faith? Garret is convinced that nothing has helped Raphaela in the past, so what will make this camp any different?



Though Faith is a gifted therapist, it takes Garret time to accept the program. His many doubts create a major conflict between him and Faith. Another factor is the strong attraction and admiration both Faith and Garret have for each other. What begins as a friendship quickly turned into lust, while strong feelings get even stronger.



RAPHAELA’S GIFT is a tender story of hope and love. While it is very sad that Faith’s mother Marian has high hopes of a reunion with Garret, it is moving to see the feelings develop between Garret and Faith. The sensitivity and kindness Faith and Garret show is considerable. Garret is looking forward to the program’s conclusion so he can see where this might lead? Will he and Faith be able to hold out? How will their feelings for each other affect Marian? And Raphaela?



I was riveted by RAPHAELA’S GIFT. Watching Garret’s amazing love and tenderness for his daughter was wonderful. Faith is an excellent character because, even though she was torn between her heart and her job, her work with the entire Damiani family was intense and caring. If you want to read a sweet and tender love story, along with the love of a handicapped child, please pick up a copy of RAPHAELA’S GIFT.

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