Raw Silk

Author: Lisabet Sarai

Publisher: Total Ebound

Release Date: August 13, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 - Blue Ribbon Staff Pick

Format: EBOOK

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The story of RAW SILK begins with Boston girl Kate O’Neill, who has just touched down in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s left her long—term lover, David, to pursue her career as a software designer for a rising firm based in Thailand. She is an adventurer, and despite her love for David, she knew this trip was something she couldn’t pass up. In Thailand she meets two exceedingly different men, and both become her lovers. Somtow is one of the owners of the company she just began working for, a native Thai with very exotic and unrelentingly sensual taste. In their sexual escapades, he helps Kate to realize her most secret desires. Gregory is a darkly mysterious client who owns an adult nightclub, and recognizes Kate’s inner desire to be dominated. His taste for BDSM pushes the boundaries of control and demands her submission in every way. As intrigue and betrayal begin to make themselves known in this world of corporate deceit and sexual trickery, she realizes that she has to put things right with her company’s future, and she must make a choice between the men in her life.

The characters in RAW SILK have amazing depth and are very exciting and unpredictable. Gregory is enigmatic and controlling, breaking down Kate’s inhibitions with the skill of a true Master. Somtow is a gloriously inventive lover, a true hedonist. David is a perfect foil for both of them, the man afraid to take a gamble on the unknown. Of course, Kate is the flame to them all, a woman of amazing intelligence who seems to really come into her own throughout the story. She is quite aware that her burgeoning sexuality is a force she does not wish to contain, and she willingly surrenders to her own sensuality to help her find her true mate in the end.


The beauty of Thailand was nicely described in this book, which is another thing I loved. I have always wanted to visit Thailand, and this book left me with a feeling of really having tasted a bit of what culture is like there. Ms. Sarai was eloquent in her use of the landscape, history and customs of Thailand to draw the reader into an exotic, sexually—charged land. I loved the remarkable descriptions of the places, the way the characters took tours of the various temples and ruins, as well as the look into the seedy and steamy underbelly of Bangkok, with its sex clubs and bars…where nothing is exactly what is seems.


The thing I liked most about this book was the absolutely scorching sex scenes, and I don’t think they come hotter than what this author has written! However, it was really the quality and creativity of the writing that really made me enjoy this book so much. Not only were the sex scenes choreographed very well, but they were beyond creative, wild, alluring and challenging to every notion of sexuality. There was an innate exoticism in every encounter that was so intense, so erotic, it turned me inside out! I would honestly give this story six ribbons, if it were possible. RAW SILK is like a sensual glide down a river in an exotic land, hitting some roiling whirlpools of volcanically hot sex along the way, and drifting further and further into a world of carnal sensuality. This book will leave you wrung out and satisfied, yet craving more.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Maria S.

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