Good-time Boys: Rawley's Redemption
By Lacey
Nov 1, 2007 - 2:36:30 PM

After losing his job as sheriff of Summerville, Rawley Good turns to the one person he loves, Jeb Greely. Used to running the town, Rawley likes being the dominant alpha male. And with that, he likes to rule his relationships as well. But Jeb, the hot little rancher, isn’t down for that. To Jeb, a relationship is all or nothing. He’s had plenty of relationships in the past—the most recent with Caleb—who tried to take all he gave and never returned the favor. He promised himself he wouldn’t do that again, no matter how much he loved Rawley.

While Rawley’s off looking for his brother’s shooter along side Caleb, Nate, and the others in the investigative team, he’s also planning to get his job back. His time is stretched thin and Jeb is pushed to the back burner on all things but matters in the bedroom. Jeb knows their relationship is Rawley’s first, but love can only go so far. Jeb is the man for Rawley, but can he convince him of that before it’s too late?


Another wonderful story by Ms. Carol Lynne. RAWLEY’S REDEMPTION is the third installment of the Good-Time Boys series and I must say they only get better as the stories come along. Rawley is a complex character that has a strong partner by his side, even if he’s unable to see it. His relationship with Jeb is sweet, while his desire to catch the person that hurt his brother is humbling. I enjoy Ms. Lynne’s style and hope she continues to bring her readers more hot men to drool over.


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