Ready for Love
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 31, 2011 - 5:22:01 AM

Martiza Morales is a ‘tell it like it is’ type girl which is definitely in her favor when it comes to dealing with the overinflated egos of the music celebrities who come to her for help changing their images.  Unfortunately her supposed silent partner Terrill Carter doesn’t see her ball busting attitude as a deterrent.  He’s incredibly attracted to her and determined to take their business relationship to a much more personal level.

There’s no denying that Terrill is Hot (yes with a capital ‘T’) but Martiza has no illusions about there being any happily-ever-after in her future.  It’s best to guard her heart and avoid any sort of personal relationship with him.  However, that’s easier said than done especially after Terrill lays a lip lock on her that effectively ends an argument… for now.


And that is how the super-secret romance between Terrill and Martiza began and it’s also the reason they’re in such a mess now.  You see, Terrill and Martiza had differing opinions about the outcome of their relationship.  Terrill has visions of wedding rings, babies and growing old together while Martiza believes he’s just toying with her until someone better comes along. 


Of course none of this is brought out into the open until after Terrill crashes Martiza’s engagement party to Andrew MacGregor, aka the white rapper Speed-Lo, and earns himself a black eye for his efforts.  His antics also force Martiza to come clean with her family and friends and be honest with herself about how she really feels toward Terrill. 


Gwyneth Bolton has done it again!  Her newest release READY FOR LOVE is a delightful read full of all the attitude and humor I’ve come to adore in her writing.  This story captures the reader’s attention right from the beginning by dropping you into the story AFTER the romance has already happened but gifting the reader with great insight through their discussions with friends about what happened between them.  If you’ve read previous works by Ms. Bolton then you’ll remember the Hightower gang and will love getting the opportunity to revisit them as they take Martiza to task for agreeing to marry one man while being in love with another.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Martiza and Terrill as individuals and could easily understand why their own insecurities and Martiza’s refusal to make their relationship public knowledge could tear them apart.  Ms. Bolton’s writing is captivating and fun with the right amount of sass to deliver storylines readers will want to read again and again.


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