Real Men Do It Better

Author: Lora Leigh, Susan Donovan, Lori Wilde, Carrie Alexander

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: February 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 blue ribbons

Format: PRINT

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HIS BODY ELECTRIC by Carrie Alexander

Karen’s moved from the city to a farmhouse in Iowa. She’s an artist who makes sculptures out of metal. To make ends meet she works from home as a virtual service representative selling various products for companies over the phone.

Gabe is staying at a friend’s cabin a few miles from Karen’s place. He’s taking time to assimilate recent events that have left him a little rattled and makes living a normal life difficult for him.

After getting all the farm animals tucked safely into the barn for the night, Karen makes a mad dash through a violent lightning storm to reach her house but collides with a man before she reaches safety. The last thing Gabe expected when he went seeking shelter from the storm is for Karen to use her sexy voice to seduce him. There’s just no way she can pass up the opportunity to be with a man who positively makes her body tingle.

Carrie Alexander will delight readers with this sizzling novella. The characters and plot are exciting and fresh with thrilling interactions that will keep readers enthralled in the storyline.


BED AND BREAKFAST by Susan Donovan

A series of unfortunate occurrences have city girl/corporate dynamo Kate Dreyfuss stressed out to the breaking point. Her boss has ordered that Kate take a vacation to Windwalker Lodge, a spiritual retreat, where Kate will supposedly have some life-altering change by communing with nature.

Jorey Matheny is the proud owner of the Windwalker Lodge. He’s easygoing and practices the natural lifestyle for which his lodge is well-known. Jorey’s own past history makes it easy for him to understand Kate but getting her to stay long enough to be helped may be another story.

The pilgrimage that Kate had been signed up for was last month, she missed it. Now the lodge is under complete renovation. Only one room is furnished - the one where Jorey’s been sleeping. He gives her his room and sleeps elsewhere but that doesn’t stem her anger and resentment at the whole situation. It’ll take an act of mother nature for Kate to accept Jorey’s help - and everything else he has to offer.

I love the spiritual feel that Susan Donovan incorporates throughout this novella. Kate and Jorey are polar opposites and their interactions are fascinating and fraught with tension.



Maggie Samuels is in a world of trouble! Her husband whom everyone believes adored her is killed. He left behind evidence implicating her as knowing all about his illegal dealings with the Fuentes famly that resulted in the death of some Navy SEALs.

Joe Merino has been in love with Maggie for years. Certainly long before she met and married Grant. He desperately wants to believe in her innocence even though the mounting evidence says otherwise.

Despite Maggie’s insistence that she doesn’t know anything about Grant’s illegal doings there is a price on her head. There is evidence that would seal the government's case against the Fuentes family that she’s believed to be able to locate. Joe opts to take Maggie to a safe house where he’ll either get the information from her himself or he’ll confirm her innocence. What he isn’t prepared for is the real truth that she reveals about her marriage or the passion that explodes between them.

Lora Leigh books have become a staple in my reading diet. She expertly combines suspense, really hot sex, and kick butt dialog that leave readers gasping in wonder and devouring the pages. This is the third story in Ms. Leigh’s TEMPTING SEALS series. Absolutely delectable.


SIREN’S CALL by Lori Wilde

Annie’s returned to St. Augustine to run her grandfather’s dive shop while he’s recuperating from surgery following a broken hip. She’s avoided Duncan since the night they made love and destroyed their friendship five years ago.

Duncan has always loved Annie. He just didn’t believe that he was good enough for her. He’s worked hard over the years to be the kind of man she deserves. Now he fears he might be too late.

Duncan is determined to get Annie to give him a chance but it won’t be easy. She’s practically engaged and has her own life in Manhattan. He’s got the one thing that he hopes can entice her to give them a chance. It’s a map to the location of the Siren’s Call. Annie’s parents had died during one of their many dives in search of the fabled idol. Will a search for the idol bring Annie and Duncan together again? What about the aphrodisiac properties the idol possesses? Can Annie possibly resist the combination of potent mixture of Duncan and the idol?

Lori Wilde will entice readers to go in search of hidden treasure preferably with a sexy hunk of your own, but not before you finish reading this novella. I loved the emotional bond that’s held up between Duncan and Annie despite the time since they last saw each other.


REAL MEN DO IT BETTER is a collection of steamy tales by four of today’s hottest authors. All of the stories have awesome characters, witty dialogue, and delicious plots that readers will want to read again and again. Each story is very different from the other three and yet somehow they easily flow from one to the next. Normally with anthologies I’m able to read one story and leave the rest for later but this time I eagerly read each and every one of them in one sitting. I highly recommend this book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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