Real Men Don’t Quit: A Real Men Novel
By Billie Jo
Jul 17, 2013 - 2:47:07 PM

Tyler is a beautiful woman determined to raise her daughter on her own.  She is also half owner of a coffee and art store.  Tyler is quite content with her life and reminds herself daily that she does not need a man in it. One morning she wakes up and discovers her daughter is missing.  She runs out of the house and down the street and finds her daughter with Luke, her new next door neighbor.  Tyler is surprised by the electrifying passion that sparks between them.  Although Tyler knows that Luke will be leaving soon, she cannot help but to fall in love with the stubborn man.  Will Tyler be able to convince Luke that her love can soothe all his self doubts?  Or will she give up her heart’s desire because of her fear of the past?

Luke is a well-known author who does not like to settle in one place for too long.  He is contracted to write a sequel to his best-selling novel, but finds he does not have the desire to write it after the loss of his mother.  He needs to get away from it all and heads to a little town where his agent has a house.  One morning he wakes up to find a little girl trying to get to the pool in the backyard.  He rushes out and finds the cutest little girl he has ever seen.  As he wonders where her mother is, a wild-looking redhead in skimpy pajamas comes running at him, demanding to know what he is doing with her daughter.   He is so stunned by her beauty and the undercurrents that sizzle between them that he is at a loss for words.  Luke has vowed to never get married and have kids.  He is so afraid of being like his father that he will not allow himself to love a woman.  Will Luke allow Tyler’s love to thaw out the ice wall that he has built around his heart?  Or will his father’s bad deeds cause him to lose the only woman who will ever own his heart?   

REAL MEN DON’T QUIT is a charming tale woven with passion, betrayal and obstacles that two souls must overcome in order to find the rare love they both desire.  Coleen Kwan draws her readers in with enigmatic characters thrown into a realistic plot that many readers will be able to relate to.  I enjoyed reading Luke and Tyler’s tale.  My heart soared when these two flawed and beautiful people left the past behind so they could have a future together.  

Tyler is sexy and stubborn.  She is determined to keep those from her past out of her life so that she can raise her daughter without all the drama.  She falls head over heels for Luke but is so afraid of trusting her daughter with anyone.

Luke is a sexy man who believes he has all the traits of his misguided father.  He vows to never have a wife or family because he does not want to hurt them like his mom and sisters were hurt.  But Luke soon discovers what true love is and must decide if he can live without Tyler.

If you are looking for a sweet romance full of passion, then I would recommend REAL MEN DON’T QUIT by Coleen Kwan.

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