Reality TV Bites
By Sarah W
Aug 7, 2006 - 11:23:00 AM

Interior designer Allison Holloway has a good life. She’s got a kind of boyfriend, Dave, and she’s employed by a very prestigious design firm. So how come Allison is feeling so unsatisfied? Is it leftover princess dreams from her childhood that are still plaguing her? It is the chance to win three million dollars that begins to change Allison’s life however.

Allison, along with two other designers from the firm, has been chosen to take part in Kamikaze Makeover!, a new reality TV show. Not only will Allison be on TV, but she’s receiving the VIP treatment from Nicolo Parma, one of the show’s investors. Nicolo also just happens to be a real, live Prince! Talk about putting Dave to shame…


Only, as Allison starts to get to know Nicolo, she’s starting to realize that he’s not quite all he’s cracked up to be. Nor in fact, is Kamikaze Makeover! It’s more of a disaster of a show than a success. As the facades are stripped away, Allison is starting to understand that what lies beneath is infinitely more important than she ever realized. Will she blow all her chances for happiness by continuing with Nicolo and the show?


REALITY TV BITES surely gives readers a few insider hints about what really goes on in a so-called “reality” show. Allison’s experience is both comically horrifying, and disturbingly sad. Amidst all the drama, hysterics, and “reality,” Allison is starting to understand a few basic truths about her own nature and the kind of life she really wants. Being a pampered princess is definitely not it. As Allison experiences reality for the first time in quite a long time, she guides the reader through some humorous, sentimental, and sexy moments. REALITY TV BITES is a sarcastic and tempting look at the different “realities” people hide behind in life. It’s enjoyable from start to finish.

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