Really Something
By Scarlet
Feb 5, 2008 - 6:31:18 AM

Eight years ago Allie Dean left the town of Tempest, Indiana vowing never to return.   Overweight and feeling worthless, Allie strikes out for California where she sheds weight, gets a degree, marries and divorces, and lands a great job scouting locations for movies.   Her latest assignment is to scout out her old hometown for the producer’s next teen horror picture, placing the perfect opportunity for revenge right in her lap.   What she plans as the perfect payback will end up giving Allie the chance to learn a few of the town’s well guarded secrets and makes her take a good hard look at herself in the process.   Payback against the guy who stood her up at the prom unravels as she discovers the secrets he has been keeping about that night, and the fact that she is still in love with him.  

Duncan Henry, high school football star turned sexy local weatherman.   He tends to predict the weather with a Magic 8-Ball.  Tragedy has kept Duncan from pursuing his dream of becoming a TV anchor.   When a gorgeous blonde bombshell roars into town she immediately puts Duncan’s libido in high gear.   There is something about the woman that stirs his memory but he just can’t seem to hold on to it.   In a town riddled with secrets, she seems to be the only honest woman around, reminding him of the girl from high school who was his only real friend.   What happens when Duncan discovers Allie isn’t quite as honest as he believed?

Shirley Jump has penned a novel of coming home again, a story of real people, warts and all.   Duncan and Allie are intelligent and sympathetic characters, both harboring inner scars and emotional turmoil.   Jump expertly blends romance and mystery in a story that is smart, funny, sexy and sensual.   Duncan is a hero many women would love to call their own.   His innate nobility shines through in every interaction with his sister, leaving this reader in no doubt that he is genuinely warm and caring to a fault.   His sex appeal is off the charts, coming through loud and clear with each page turned.   Allie is every woman who has ever struggled with her weight.   She is completely believable as the nerdy fat girl in school who has ever fallen for the football star.   She is full of human flaws which make her all the more realistic, and her desire for revenge is completely understandable.   She is smart, funny, sexy and a perfect foil for our hero.   When they share a scene, it is electric.   The couple gained my favor from the beginning, knowing they were perfect to heal each other.   The journey to love and trust is a rocky one, interspersed with witty banter, snarky humor and passionate love scenes.   Clear your plans for the evening, you will want to stay up late to read REALLY SOMETHING.  

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