Reapers Stand - Reapers Motorcycle Club series, Book 4
By Raonaid
Oct 24, 2014 - 3:11:24 PM

Reese "Picnic" Hayes is the Reapers Motorcycle Club's president, a position he has held for a decade. He is a widower with two grown daughters. Reese plans to never take another woman as his old lady. Instead, he prefers no-strings-attached, sex only relationships, which has earned him a reputation as a man-whore. Reese has always been aware of London but has never acted on his interest in her until the night she comes to the clubhouse in search of her foolhardy cousin.

London Armstrong runs her own cleaning service. She has guardianship of her druggie cousin's daughter and considers the girl as her own. The raising of a poor-impulse controlled teenager is an exigent, thankless job, but London refuses to give up on the girl like her birthmother. She has an inkling what goes on in the Reapers' world yet remains silent because they are her best paying customers. The prospect of gaining a contract to clean other businesses the MC owns is too good for her to pass up. When she hears that her cousin is at the Reaper's clubhouse, London must face the one man she had been avoiding for help.

Reese was a hit-and-miss for me. He was a little too hard, cynical and set in his ways for my tastes. It is clear that life's hardships and responsibilities have defined him. A few scenes, and words with London, did not settle right with me. I am aware of the roughness of the MC world, having grown up with a biker for a father and his friends, but I have been away from that element for twenty years, so I've become unused to their ways. Then Reese broadsides me, changes my skewed opinion of him by doing something unexpected and nice.

I found it easy to identify with and like London. It did help that she and I are the same age but her selflessness garnered my immediate respect. She thought first of others than herself. She had sacrificed much, even a marriage, to raise a child, who needed special care, as her own. She also cared for her cousin's best friend after learning about the girl's difficult home life. But what I liked most about London was her adaptability. She managed to forage in a strange, tough world of the MC, and was not afraid to stand up to Reese.

I do have to admit that it was refreshing, a nice change of pace, to read a story where both the heroine and hero were older. The difference made the book so much more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

REAPER'S STAND is my second foray into the MC world. It is the fourth book in Joanna Wylde's REAPERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB SERIES, and unfortunately, I have not read the previous books in the series. I felt a small disadvantage going so late into the series but it stands alone enough to read without getting lost.

REAPER'S STAND shows the gritty, suspenseful, and not-so-romantic side of the MC world. It is obvious the author knew what she was writing about. There were quips from Reece's inner dialogue and his brotherhood that reminded me so much of something my father or his biker buddies would say. They gave me a sense of nostalgia.

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