Reason and Romance: Austen Series, Book 2
By Sherri Myers
Jun 1, 2004 - 11:49:00 PM

Elaina Woods' father has been dead for two months, and she has helped her mother and sister Anna move from their lavish home to a small cottage after his will stated that her older half-brother Jake inherited most of his fortune. Elaina has started her new job as a college professor and is surprised to find one of her students is brother to Jake's wife Faye. Expecting him to take sides with his sister in a dispute over priceless antiques Faye wants from Elaina's mother, Elaina is pleasantly surprised when he agrees with her. As Elaina spends time in and out of the classroom with Ted, she becomes deeply attracted to him. Will she risk losing her hard earned dream job for a romance with Ted Farris?

Ted Farris is a slightly older-than-usual college student at age thirty-one. Strikingly handsome with a charming personality, he instantly attracts females of all ages. Already engaged to Lorna Starr, Ted tries to deny his feelings for Elaina as long as he can. When Ted and Elaina's relationship begins to get serious, Ted realizes he needs to do the honorable thing by fulfilling his promise to Lorna of marrying her. With a deep sense of loss, Ted turns away from Elaina and prepares to become Lorna's husband instead. Is there any chance for Ted and Elaina to be together? Will dependable Ted ever see Lorna for what she is-a money-hungry woman that doesn't love him?


 Debra White Smith has written a modern version of Jane Austen's SENSE AND SENSIBILITIES she calls REASON AND ROMANCE. It is a contemporary romance that will keep you yearning for more and not wanting to stop reading until way past your bedtime. With dependable Ted trying to do the honorable thing by keeping his promise to wed Lorna, and reasonable Elaina finally doing a less-than-sensible thing by falling in love with Ted, this book is sure to have you hoping for a happy ending for them both. A side romance with Elaina's sister Anna involved also proves to be very interesting. Both young women must learn to rely on God's guidance in order to find true love, not just infatuation. Be sure not to pass this one up.

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