Rebel Heart
By Laurie
Jun 1, 2006 - 5:31:00 PM

Francesca "Frankie" Daniels was furious when her trusted old VW failed her by having a flat tire, in the middle of a violent thunderstorm, to boot.  Her anger quickly turns to fear when she hears the roar of a motorcycle engine approaching.  That motorcycle is carrying Nick Red Cloud, a gorgeous man whose every movement shouts the self-confidence of a man who is very comfortable with his masculinity.  When he offers Frankie a ride to her house, she eventually accepts, seeing how the rain and wind have turned her into a sodden, frozen mess.  Frankie is an emotionally damaged young woman after a violent attack and rape several years prior by someone that she trusted and looked up to.  Extreme fear kept her from pressing charges and also prevented her from allowing herself to get close to anyone after.  While she is extremely attracted to Nick, she is equally cautious and slow to let down her guard.

Nick Red Cloud is looking for Frankie, tracking her for a client of his investigative firm.  He did not intend to fall for this beautifully feminine woman, but her gentleness and vulnerability were a pull that he could not resist.  When he unknowingly brings danger and violence back into Frankie's life, it becomes apparent that she will probably never forgive him, or trust him again.


REBEL HEART is an emotionally charged example of the writing talents of Denyse Bridger.  Frankie has dealt with the upheaval in her life resulting from the attack in the only way she knows how.  She sheltered herself from anything or anyone who could hurt her, virtually living in a self-imposed seclusion.  Nick unintentionally brings past threats back into Frankie's life, and although he doubts that she will ever want to see him again, he is determined to see her attacker prosecuted and punished, and he needs her cooperation in order to make it happen.  Frankie has to face the demons from her past so she can move on with her life and allow herself to have a bright, love-filled future.  Nick's tenderness is touching and sweet; he is patient and kind, passionate in his pursuit of Frankie's heart.  Frankie's pain and fear is realistically written and her softening under Nick's gentle attentions is heartening. I recommend this book to those readers who enjoy tender romance, sizzling passion and a touch of suspense.


I feel that I should note that there is a somewhat violent rape scene in a flashback that involves the heroine, but not the hero.  It is essential to understanding Frankie's emotional state.  I personally did not find the rape scene to be troubling or offensive.

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