Recipe for Disaster
By Ann
Aug 1, 2008 - 5:33:04 PM

Zoe Matthews is at a crossroads.  She is being blackballed by her former boss and without any references she is now working at a small bar instead of an up and coming restaurant making a name for herself in the culinary world.  When she inadvertently insults Jackson Levy, a top restaurateur, Zoe knows it can’t get any worse.  However, he unexpectedly decides to give her a job at one of his restaurants.  Thinking her luck is about to change, Zoe finds that chasing her dream is going to be harder than she ever expected.

RECIPE FOR DISASTER is the latest book featuring one of the Matthews sisters.  Zoe is an aspiring chef who is quite opinionated even though she doesn’t try to be.  I felt she was very haughty and conceited but deep down she was more insecure.  She had been burned once and was afraid of public opinion.  I really liked Jackson.  He is the voice of reason and uses a bit of trickery to teach Zoe to look outside of her comfort zone.  Although they have excellent sexual karma, it’s the communication that definitely needs work.  It takes a major misunderstanding and some sisterly advice for Zoe to “snap out of it.”  Although their make-up was rather smooth, it didn’t diminish their chemistry.  The secondary characters bring back the Matthews family as well as several of Jackson’s family who certainly bring perspective to their relationship.  RECIPE FOR DISASTER is a good erotic romance with enough flavor and excitement that Ms. Pillow’s fans have come to expect.

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